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Sue Fish

Sue Fish

LiPP Business Consultant


Susannah Fish joined Nottinghamshire Police in 1986 as a Police Constable, and her career has seen her work across uniform and detective roles in Nottinghamshire, the West Midlands, the Metropolitan Police, and nationally. Her career culminated being appointed Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire Police until her retirement in 2017. She was awarded the OBE for services to policing in the Queen’s Birthday Honours in 2008 and the Queens Policing Medal for distinguished service in the Birthday Honours 2016, and was also awarded Upstander of the Year in the national hate crime awards 2017 for her leadership on misogyny as a hate crime. She has now established a vibrant consultancy, StarFish, working with a range of clients on transformational change, leadership and equality.

Richard Hyde

Dr Richard Hyde

Associate Professor/LiPP Business Consultant


Primarily Richard examines and consults on how businesses communicate with consumers and other businesses through contracts and marketing materials, and the legal and regulatory norms that govern such communications. He regularly provides training in contractual issues to local small and medium sized enterprises on contract law issues and works with small businesses on their legal compliance. 

Jixian Jin

Chair Professor Lixian Jin

Head of School (China)

Prof Lixian Jin is Chair Professor of Linguistics & Intercultural Learning at De Montfort University, the Director for the Centre of Intercultural Research in Communication and Learning (CIRCL), UK and a Visiting Professor at a number of key universities in China. Internationally, she is an Executive editorial board member for International Journal of Language & Communication disorders, UK & USA; the Review Editor for Asian Journal of English Language Teaching (AJELT), Hong Kong; and a Board member for Intercultural Communication Studies, USA.

Eddie Kane

Professor Eddie Kane

LiPP Business Consultant


Director of the Centre for Health and Justice, Institute of Mental Health and leads a number of large national and international research programmes in the justice field and is the academic lead of the National Offender Health Collaborative funded by NHS England and the Ministry of Justice. He is a former National Director of High Security Psychiatric Services and Principal adviser to the Home Office on personality disorders and offending.

Roshni Mooneeram

Dr Roshni Mooneeram

Honorary Associate Professor of Sociolinguistics


Roshni is currently based in Mauritius and works as a Communication Strategist and Consultant in Corporate Training. She specialises in global Englishes in the workplace, multilingualism and workplace identities. She has also worked at the University of Leeds, Birmingham City University and the University of Nottingham Ningbo China where she founded and directed the Division of English Studies.


Melissa Yoong colour

Dr Melissa Yoong

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences (UNMC)


Melissa's research lies at the intersection of language, gender and professional life. She has spoken on issues of gender equality in the workplace for various organisations as well as for public audiences. Prior to joining the University of Nottingham Malaysia, she worked at a global management consulting firm for six years. 

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