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Biography of Robert Thoroton (1601-1673)


Robert Thoroton was a country gentleman, descended from a long line of Thorotons, and lived at the family's ancestral home, Morin Hall, in Car Colston, Nottinghamshire. His eldest son, Dr Robert Thoroton, inherited the Car Colston property, which ultimately passed to the More-Molyneux family of Loseley Park, Surrey. Dr Thoroton was an antiquary and historian, and author of the 'History of Nottinghamshire', published in 1677. The ancestor of the Thorotons of Screveton and Flintham was Robert Thoroton's younger son Thomas Thoroton. 


Robert Thoroton (1601-1673), m Anne Chambers (-1660) in 1622, and had: 

  • Dr Robert Thoroton (1623-1678), of Car Colston, married Anne Bohun, and had:
    • Anne Thoroton (1650-1729), married Philip Sherard (1650-1703) of Car Colston, and had:
      • Philip Sherard (1674-1691). No issue 
      • Robert Sherard (1676-1749), married Elizabeth Reading (-1766)  and had:
        • Margaret (-1768), married James More-Molyneux (c.1723-1759) in 1653. Ancestor of the More-Molyneux family of Loseley Park, Surrey 
        • Philip (1713-). No issue 
        • Robert (born and died 1716). No issue 
        • Elizabeth (1710-1728). No issue 
        • Anne (1714-1733). No issue 
        • Mary (1720-1748). No issue 
        • Lucy (-1750). No issue 
      • William Sherard (1678-before 1748). No issue 
      • Philippa Sherard (1682-1684). No issue 
      • Bennet Sherard (1683-1753), rector of Langar. No issue 
      • Thomas Sherard (1684-before 1713). No issue 
      • Dorothy Sherard (1686-1721). No issue 
      • Rebecca Sherard (1688-1766). No issue 
      • Denton Sherard (1690-1767). No issue 
      • Anne Margaretta Sherard (-1750). No issue 
      • Mary Sherard (d before 1754). No issue 
      • Elizabeth Sherard (d before 1762). No issue 
    • Elizabeth (1654-1744), married John Turner (-1726) of Swanwick 
      • Charles Turner (1677-1736), lawyer, of Swanwick and London. No issue 
    • Mary (1652-1655), drowned 
  • Richard (1627-) 
  • Gervase (1630-) 
  • Mary (1632-), married Thomas Jalland 
  • Elizabeth, married John Stokes 
  • Thomas Thoroton (1636-1695), citizen and salter of London 

Archive Collections

No archive collections relating to Robert Thoroton have yet been identified, but there are a number relating to his son Dr Robert Thoroton:

Published Sources

There are no known published sources relating to Robert Thoroton, but there are a number relating to his son Dr Robert Thoroton:

  • Myles Thoroton Hildyard. ‘Thoroton, Robert (1623-1678)’, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography , Oxford University Press, 2004 [available online to subscribers, ]
  • Myles Thoroton Hildyard. 'Dr Robert Thoroton', in Transactions of the Thoroton Society , vol. 61 (1957), 8-20
  • Myles Thoroton Hildyard. The Thorotons (privately printed, 1991) [King’s Meadow Campus East Midlands Special Collection Oversize Not 150.V30 THO]   

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