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Biography of the Hutton and Wallis families


These families were linked to the Thorotons by the marriage of Colonel Thomas Thoroton (1753-1813) to Anne Bowes (d 1827), eldest daughter and co-heir of George Wanley Bowes of Thornton Hall, county Durham. Anne, together with her two sisters, inherited estates in Northumberland and Durham (the 'Thoroton-Croft' estates).

Anne Thoroton, née Bowes, was left a life estate in an extensive estate in Lincolnshire by her cousin, Mary Hutton. After Anne's death the life interest passed to her son Colonel Thomas Blackborne Hildyard, who made arrangements to sell the land by Act of Parliament in the late 1820s. The last parts of the estate were sold by his son Thomas Blackborne Thoroton Hildyard in the 1840s. Mary Hutton had herself inherited the estate from her sister Dorothy Popham, who had inherited it from her first husband Thomas Wallis. 

Hutton/Bowes family

  • John Hutton of Marske (1659-1731), had: 
    • Elizabeth Hutton (1683-1759) 
    • Frances Hutton (1686-1772) 
    • John Hutton (1691-1768), married firstly Barbara Baker, married secondly Elizabeth, daughter of James, Lord D’Arcy of Ireland, and had:
      • John Hutton (1730-1782), married Anne Ling, and had: 
        • John Hutton 
        • James Hutton (1786-1803), Army Captain 
        • Matthew Hutton (1777-1813), Army Captain 
        • Timothy Hutton (1779-), married Elizabeth Chaytor 
      • Matthew Hutton (1732-1782), unmarried 
      • James Hutton (1739-1798), married Mary Hoyle 
      • Anne Hutton (1731-), married George Wanley Bowes Esq., of Thornton, Yorkshire 
        • Anne Bowes (-1827), married Colonel Thomas Thoroton of Screveton (1753-1813)
        • Margaret Wanley-Bowes 
        • Elizabeth Bowes (d 1841), married Rev. Robert Croft 
      • Elizabeth Hutton, married Henry Pulleine 
    • Rt Rev. Matthew Hutton, Archbishop of Canterbury (1692-1758), married Mary, daughter of Henry Lutman of Petworth, and had: 
      • Dorothy Hutton (1732-1797), married firstly Thomas Wallis of Lincoln’s Inn (d 1761), married secondly Francis Popham of Littlecote, Wiltshire (d 1780). No children 
      • Mary Hutton (1734-1820) 
    • Henrietta Hutton (1701-1797), married John Dodsworth 
    • Timothy Hutton 
    • Thomas Hutton 
    • Dorothy Hutton 
    • Barbara Hutton  

Wallis family

  • Edward Wallis of Humberstone (1645-1704), attorney, married Elizabeth, and had:
    • Thomas Wallis of Alford (c.1666-1718), married Frances Newcomen in 1695, and had:
      • Newcomen Wallis of Lincoln (c.1697-1731), attorney, married Catherine Collingwood, and had:
        • Thomas Wallis of Lincoln’s Inn (1723-1761), attorney, married Dorothy Hutton (1732-1797), afterwards wife of Francis Popham 
      • Dr Thomas Wallis, physician, of Stamford. No children 
    • Edward Wallis, of Spilsby, apothecary, married Ann, and had: 
      • Edward Wallis (1696-1704) 
      • Thomas Wallis (1698-) 
      • George Wallis (1699-), possibly later of Brigg 
      • Ann Wallis (c.1702-) 
      • Thomas Wallis (1703-) 
      • Arabella Wallis (1705-), m Mr Herring 
      • Elizabeth Wallis (1708-) 
      • Edward Wallis (1709-1782), physician 
      • Maria Wallis (1712-) 
    • Anne Wallis, married Samuel Love of Boston, and had: 
      • Anne Love 
      • Susannah Love 
      • Samuel Love 
    • Elizabeth Wallis, married Mr Horton, of Boston 
    • Dorothea Wallis (-1727), unmarried 
    • Francis Wallis, married Mr Escolin  

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