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Lunchtime talks

Listen to audio recordings of the lunchtime talks that accompanied the exhibition. These talks were given by external speakers. For copyright reasons we are unable to show the accompanying slides.

Audio recordings

Face Values: A Cultural History of Make-up

Dr Richard Hornsey explores the changing meanings of the made-up face in 20th century Britain, tracing how women’s use of cosmetics became a focus for wider debates around morality, freedom, health and self-expression.

Audio recorded 25 February 2016



Guest curator Dr Richard Hornsey, Lecturer in Modern British History, also filmed a short video about the social history of cosmetics to support his undergraduate teaching.

7 Steps to Perfection

Drawing on material, images and stories from Boots Archive, Archivist Judith Wright discusses the different elements that have contributed towards the success of No7, from the creation of innovative products to eye-catching designs and advertising, to the people behind their development, and the women who loved them.

Audio recorded 9 March 2016

Rejuvenate: Anti-Aging in the 20th Century

Ageing is a process which affects us all. Throughout human history we have tried to slow down and even reverse the effects of ageing. Dr James Stark (Research Fellow, Leeds Humanities Research Institute) will explore how and why a wide range of anti-ageing technologies and products gained popularity in the 20th century, how our understanding of ageing and youth has changed, and reflect on what it means to age.

Audio recorded 12 April 2016



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