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Education Centre Research

We draw upon expertise in clinical education across academic units and platforms in the School of Medicine. Our vision is to improve the health of the nation through delivering evidence-based, internationally renowned clinical education to develop world-class health and care professionals of the future.

We conduct impactful research that underpins training of world-class health and care professionals and supports national development of education policy. We also aim to develop innovations in clinical education to ensure our curricula are cutting-edge, equipping healthcare professionals to work in the NHS of the future. 

Our interests and expertise aligns with a number of cross-cutting research priorities established by the university and/or the school, and funding bodies including AI (e.g. technology-enhanced education), ageing (e.g. curricular that prepare healthcare professionals for an ageing population and dealing with multimorbidity ), health inequalities (e.g. managing diverse populations’ health needs;  impact of public policy, including workforce reorganisation, on service and training) and sustainability (e.g. curricular development to reflect the impact of the climate-change crisis on healthcare).   

Research Expertise

  • Pedagogy
  • Curriculum design, implementation and quality assurance
  • Medical students’ and doctors’ performance and wellbeing;
  • Fair, effective selection and widening participation;
  • Assessment, differential attainment and progression;
  • Technology-enhanced education
  • Professionalism;
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion;
  • Educational environments;
  • Medical and healthcare professional careers;
  • Impact of policy on medical education and training;
  • Sustainability in medical and healthcare education and training
  • Medical humanities and education.

School of Medicine

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