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Professor Aoife Nolan is a member of the Council of Europe’s European Committee of Social Rights - the leading European monitoring mechanism on economic and social rights and a member of the Scottish First Minister's Human Rights Leadership Advisory Group.

She has published and commentated widely on a range of areas, including the connection between poverty and human rights, the impact of austerity on human rights, the relationship between economic policy/budgets and human rights, and children’s rights. She has also done work on human rights and housing, education and social security.  Her research focuses on the UK, Ireland, South Africa, India, the US and Latin America. Videos highlighting some of her research are available here.

Media work has included: Sky News (on the ‘Cinderella Law’, 30 May 2014); The Guardian (including  ‘Poorer children disproportionately affected by austerity measures, says UN’, 9 June 2016; ‘Ministers Savage UN Report Calling for Abolition of UK’s Bedroom Tax’, 3 Feb. 2014; ‘Author of Bedroom Tax Report Defends Findings after Government's Attack’, 12 Sept. 2013); the (‘Human rights must be put at the heart of the budgetary process’, 13 October 2014); Irish Times . 

Relevant websites: Huffington Post Blog

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Professor Nolan has contributed to the Open Democracy blog and was previously an editor of the Human Rights in Ireland blog

In addition to her research work, Professor Nolan has worked and provided advice to a range of actors working with international organisations, including the UN and the Council of Europe.

She has also worked with a range of national and international human rights civil society organisations. She is a trustee of JustFair.

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