August 2018

Helping the lame to walk, trot and gallop again

Gene therapy techniques have been used to help cure horses of lameness, a study involving experts at The University of Nottingham has shown.

Pioneering health science lecturers win national teaching awards

Inspirational teachers at the University of Nottingham have been recognised by a prestigious national scheme.

Father's diet could affect the long-term health of his offspring

New study explores the long-term growth and metabolic health of offspring from males fed a poor quality diet.

A Selection of Elections: Votes, Suffrage and Reform

A new exhibition at Nottingham Lakeside Arts will step back in time and look at some memorable elections from the past 250 years to mark the centenary of the first UK general election in which some women were entitled to vote.

I hear what you say! Or do I?

Younger children rely more on auditory information. This means they are less susceptible to illusions in which vision changes sound. Conversely, adults are more likely to be influenced by what they see, and what they see can change what they hear.

Less drain on freshwater supplies with seawater fuel discovery

Researchers have found that seawater can replace freshwater to produce the sustainable fuel Bioethanol, reducing the need to drain precious resources.

New research sheds light on why suicide is more common in autistic people

People who hide their autism by 'camouflaging' to try to fit into society, or who don't receive correct support are at higher risk of suicide, according to new research. Researchers from the University of Nottingham's School of Psychology and the Universities of Coventry and Cambridge worked closely with a group of autistic people who had experienced mental health problems, self-injury or thoughts of ending life, to design a new innovative study that has just been published in the journal Molecular Autism.

Top priorities for digital technology in mental healthcare identified

Researchers have identified the top 10 questions that people with mental health problems, their carers and healthcare professionals want answered about how digital technology can help in treatment and management.

Midlands universities partnership will train the next generation of arts and humanities researchers

Eight leading universities in the Midlands are joining together to train the next generation of highly-skilled arts and humanities researchers, thanks to funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

Tobacco content still common on UK prime time TV, despite regulations

Tobacco content remains common on UK prime time TV, occurring in a third of all programmes, despite advertising and broadcasting regulations designed to protect children from this kind of exposure, a study led by The University of Nottingham has revealed.

New project to engineer diversity into STEMM workforces

The University of Nottingham is leading an innovative pilot to transform white, male-dominated workforces in engineering and science to ones that comprise top talent from diverse backgrounds.

First language study using new generation of wearable brain scanner

Scientists have carried out the first study of human cognition using a new generation of brain scanner that can be worn like a helmet. This marks an important step forward in the translation of their new technique from the laboratory bench to a genuinely useful tool for cognitive neuroscience and clinical application.

Attention all hay fever sufferers! What's getting up your nose?

Runny nose and streaming eyes? What's really getting up the nose of hay fever sufferers? What's out there? And why does it matter?

University of Nottingham strengthens ties with Indonesia

A doctor who fought to bring free healthcare to millions of people in Indonesia has spoken of the benefits of greater collaboration with the UK.Professor Ali Ghufron Mukti, Director General of Resources, Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education (RISTEKDIKTI), led a delegation to the University of Nottingham to explore opportunities for professional development, policy making, knowledge exchange and international research collaboration.
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