January 2017

Discover LGBT History Month at the University of Nottingham

February is LGBT History Month, and the University of Nottingham is taking the opportunity to celebrate LGBT culture with the local community by hosting a series of exciting events including public lectures, film screenings, discussions and performances.

Trump: one year on

The Russia probe, the tax plan, immigration restrictions and the Tweeter-in-Chief, Donald Trump's first year in office has been a busy one, but what next?

Breakthrough leads to sequencing of a human genome using a pocket-sized device

A new nanopore technology for direct sequencing of long strands of DNA has resulted in the most complete human genome ever assembled with a single technology, scientists have revealed.

Primary care professionals needed for 'I'm A Medic, Get Me Out Of Here'

Primary care professionals in the East Midlands are being urged to take part in an online competition to boost the number of young people from non-traditional backgrounds and rural areas applying for careers in medicine.

Europe's largest community battery installed at Trent Basin

Europe's largest community battery is being installed at Trent Basin as part of a unique community energy project.

ERA Chief Executive announces March move

Gordon Waddington, Chief Executive of the Energy Research Accelerator will be leaving his role at the end of March.

e-Genie tool could grant energy saving wishes for businesses

A new monitoring tool for businesses has been developed by researchers at the University of Nottingham to help reduce energy use and cut costs.

Young viewers exposed to 'excessive alcohol content' in Geordie Shore

Nearly 80 per cent of all scenes throughout season 11 of MTV's popular hyper-reality show Geordie Shore contained alcohol content or alcohol use according to the results of a new study.

Biodiversity conservation should be a core value of China's 'Belt and Road Initiative'

Environment and conservation experts in Malaysia and China are challenging decision-makers, infrastructure planners and conservationists to work together to mitigate the negative impacts of China's 'Belt and Road Initiative' and look for opportunities for biodiversity conservation.

Computer codes make sweet music for self-playing piano

Unique computer codes have been used to create an interactive self-playing piano performance

How the temperature of your nose shows how much strain you are under

Researchers at the University of Nottingham's Institute for Aerospace Technology (IAT), together with academic staff from the Bioengineering and Human Factors Research Groups, have demonstrated that facial temperatures, which can be easily measured using a non-invasive thermal camera, are strongly correlated to mental workload.

New smart sensor to help farmers spot lameness in sheep

A new smart device that can automatically detect lameness in sheep is being developed by veterinary researchers at the University of Nottingham and industry partners Intel and Farm Wizard. Lameness costs the sheep farming sector around £80 million a year because the problem is very hard to spot and can spread through flocks if not treated early.

Hormone therapy may reduce eating disorder symptoms in transgender people

New research has shown that receiving cross-sex hormone therapy (CHT) can help to reduce the feelings of body dissatisfaction associated with eating disorders including anorexia and bulimia in transgender people.

Why did the elephant cross the road? In Malaysia they are trying to find the answer.

Research reveals the complex response of wild elephants to a major road in Peninsular Malaysia.

Former Chief Scientific Advisor to the Home Office joins world-leading team of modern slavery experts

Professor Sir Bernard Silverman FRS, a pioneer of computational statistics, has joined a world-leading group of modern slavery experts at the University of Nottingham.
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