September 2018

Honorary role for one of University's biggest supporters

He is the law alumnus who founded a pioneering and hugely successful mobile phone empire and one of the country's leading education trusts but now David Ross has a new role at the University of Nottingham.

Nottingham experts named among top 10 influencers in the UK in raising awareness of modern slavery

The Rights Lab at the University of Nottingham is celebrating after two of its leading experts have been cited as two of the most influential people in the UK in helping to raise awareness to end modern slavery.

Nottingham is Sports and International University of the Year

The University of Nottingham is the most international university and the best in the UK for sports, according to the 2019 The Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide, published today (Friday 21 September).

Computer Science Professor is honoured with Fellowship to the Royal Academy of Engineering

Professor Thomas Rodden has been elected as a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering in recognition of his outstanding and continuing contributions to the profession.

Engineering team behind revolutionary copper mining technology wins prestigious Academy Award

A multidisciplinary team of engineers from the University of Nottingham and Teledyne e2v are to receive this year's Colin Campbell Mitchell Award from the Royal Academy of Engineering for developing MicroHammer, a revolutionary process for extracting copper from its ore using microwave technology. The team will be presented with the award at the Academy's AGM in London on 18 September.

Nottingham helps students learn about modern slavery

Every first-year student at the University of Nottingham will receive a free book on modern slavery this September, as part of a year-long programme by the Rights Lab to help build a slavery-free-campus.

New brain research suggests that schizophrenia is an extreme version of a common personality type

Researchers have found that the signals in people's brains differ depending on a particular aspect of an individual's personality, termed Schizotypy, a discovery that could improve the way schizophrenia is characterised and treated.

'High-yield' farming costs the environment less than previously thought - and could help spare habitats

New research involving dairy experts at the University of Nottingham suggests that more intensive agriculture might be the 'least bad' option for feeding the world, while saving its species – provided use of such "land-efficient" systems prevents further conversion of wilderness to farmland. The study found that agriculture that appears to be more eco-friendly but uses more land may actually have greater environmental costs per unit of food than "high-yield" farming that uses less land.

New research suggests more than one in five children in England carry out some care for sick and disabled family members.

New figures from BBC News and the University of Nottingham reveal that the extent of caring by children is much higher than had been thought, with 22% of children, who responded to a questionnaire, admitting to being young carers.

New 'trap' to analyse, in real time, how cells communicate

Using multiple laser beams and Raman spectroscopy experts at the Universities of Nottingham and Glasgow have designed and built a new instrument which could help scientists learn more about how infections take hold and the formation of antibiotic-resistant bacterial biofilms.

Peatlands will store more carbon as planet warms

Global warming will cause peatlands to absorb more carbon – but the effect will weaken as warming increases, new research suggests.

Professional bankers show higher levels of pride in their work

Bankers who are members of a professional body report significantly higher levels of pride in their work than bankers who are not suggests the Chartered Banker Professionalism Index devised by Nottingham University Business School and the Chartered Banker Institute.

Using the power of music to improve health and social care

West End star Gareth Gates will be among the speakers at a national conference in Nottingham looking at how music can be used in health and social care.

Worms in space hold key to astronauts' muscle loss

Thousands of worms will be launched into space later this year to help scientists find out why astronauts experience significant muscle loss in zero-gravity during spaceflight.

First use of microscopic sound waves to study cell abnormalities

University of Nottingham academic has won a prestigious five-year fellowship to explore the use of harmless sound waves to view deep inside living cells to aid early diagnose in diseases such as cancer.

Questions about childhood eczema? Ask our experts online!

Parents worried about their child's eczema are being invited to 'ask our experts' in a special live online chat session as part of National Eczema Week 2018.

Nottingham graduates head to elite US universities thanks to prestigious Fulbright Scholarships

The University of Nottingham has produced the highest number of Fulbright Scholarship awardees for postgraduate study for the 2018-19 academic year.

Nottingham shortlisted for four national awards

Teams behind a new approach to get people excited about science, an academy to support leadership development, a maternal care monitor and a scientific breakthrough that reduces infection have all been shortlisted for Times Higher Education awards.Affectionately known as the Oscars of UK Higher Education, THE Awards are designed to showcase why and how institutions continue to prosper.

Airport security plastic trays harbour highest levels of viruses, study finds

New airport swab study reveals highest concentration of viruses, including the common cold, are on the plastic trays at airport security checkpoints.

Peering into private life of atomic clusters – using the world's tiniest test tubes

Experts in the Nanoscale and Microscale Research Centre at the University of Nottingham have taken a first peak into the private life of atomic clusters.
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