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Novel approach identifies people at risk of developing TB

A novel approach to studying the progression of tuberculosis (TB) from infection to disease has identified and treated people at increased risk of developing the disease that current methods of testing would not.

Co-op customer shopping habits highlight risk of iodine deficiency in vegan diets

Switching to alternative milk and removing seafood from your diet could lead to an iodine deficiency, which may have a negative impact on long-term health, a new study shows.

Personal stories of overcoming mental illness can help others on similar paths to recovery

A new study, led by experts at the University of Nottingham, has found that personal accounts of how people have overcome their struggles with mental illness, have been shown to be effective at helping others with similar experiences to improve their quality of life.

Scientists trap krypton atoms to form one-dimensional gas

For the first time, scientists have successfully trapped atoms of krypton (Kr), a noble gas, inside a carbon nanotube to form a one-dimensional gas.

Universities for Nottingham to host East Midlands climate change education hub

A partnership between Nottingham’s two universities will host an East Midlands hub of a £2m national programme offering every school, college and university in England free access to expert support to become greener and more climate resilient.

E-cigarettes help pregnant smokers quit without risks to pregnancy

A new analysis of trial data on pregnant smokers has found that the regular use of nicotine replacement products during pregnancy is not associated with adverse pregnancy events or poor pregnancy outcomes.

Can music help reduce depression in care home residents with dementia?

A study from the University of Nottingham is set to look at how music intervention can help those living in elderly care with mental conditions like dementia and depression.

Novel MRI technique improves the lasting effects of treatment for severe depression

A major clinical trial has shown that by using MRI and tracking to guide the delivery of magnetic stimulation to the brains of people with severe depression, patients will see their symptoms ease for at least six months, which could vastly improve their quality of life.

University of Nottingham targets period poverty with Project Period

Project Period, the innovation that provides free pads and tampons to students and staff at the University of Nottingham, is seeing millions of products being distributed across all seven UK campus sites.

Community spirit fired up during heatwave – report shows impact of 2022 heatwave on Nottingham residents

A new study has revealed how residents in Nottingham were negatively impacted by the heatwave in July 2022 and that those from socially and economically vulnerable groups were more affected, but also that community spirit and caring for each other helped people to cope.
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