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University twinning will challenge Russian propaganda and support social transformation in Ukraine

The University of Nottingham has twinned with a Ukrainian university to offer a joint master's degree programme that will improve Humanities teaching, knowledge and research in Ukraine.

“Robotaxis” take one step closer to reality thanks to ServCity project success

Autonomous taxis could soon join fleets in cities across the UK after a blueprint infrastructure was created by a major national research project.

Fibre discovery could shape better gut health

Changing the structure of a dietary fibre commonly found in a range of food products has been found to promote healthy gut bacteria and reduce gas formation, a finding that could help people with intolerances to fibre and irritable bowel conditions.

Nottingham researcher awarded prestigious engineering chair to create next generation of quantum sensors

A University of Nottingham professor has gained national industry recognition after receiving a Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technologies.

New research roots out solution to keeping houseplants healthy

Most people own houseplants and eagerly grow them on windowsills and shelves only to be disappointed when they wilt or die - new research has shown that the problem could be that we’re feeding them all wrong and we need to pay attention to the roots outside the soil.

Government’s role in promoting wood burning stove emissions unveiled in new study

The number of stove models officially exempt from UK smoke control regulations has increased ten-fold since 2010, a new study has revealed.

Nottingham scientists investigate an ancient boat buried under a pub car park

Nottingham scientists are co-leading a team investigating an ancient boat buried under a pub car park to find out where it came from and exactly how old it is.

Notion of ‘home’ explored in art exhibition featuring Nottingham alumna

A university School of Education alumna is among artists whose work is being exhibited at Lakeside Arts later this month.

Hope for first treatment for strokes linked to dementia

Two cheap and common drugs could be re-purposed as the first specific treatment for people who experience a type of stroke linked to nearly half of all dementias, according to the results of new research.

From black holes to space travel - art and science join forces for Space inspired events in Lewisham

Black holes, space travel and life on other planets are among the themes for exciting artistic exhibits being featured as part of a unique project to bring the science of space to life at an exhibition and school workshops in Lewisham.

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