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New exhibition reveals the harsh reality of gemstone miners in Kenya

Ruby and blue sapphire are among the gemstones from Kenya that are popular in jewellery, sold in the UK and across the world but the dangerous conditions in which the miners work to ensure their supply is less well documented. A new exhibition is set to change that.

Bile duct cancer treatment could receive boost from tailored medication, study finds

Treatment of patients suffering from bile duct cancer could be improved by tailoring medication to the levels of a key protein in people with the disease, according to new research.

Traditional Biomass Stoves used widely in developing countries, cause lung inflammation

Traditional stoves that burn biomass materials, and are widely used in developing nations, have been shown to cause lung inflammation, according to a study from experts at the University of Nottingham.

Vets and pets unveil new rainbow crossing to mark LGBT History Month

Staff, students and pets have come together to celebrate the unveiling of the University of Nottingham’s new rainbow ‘zebra’ crossings, in support of its LGBT+ community.

Chemistry research goes digital in new trial

Chemistry students at the University of Nottingham are amongst the first to trial an innovative new digital system for recording, sharing and reproducing research in the lab.

Professor Roisin P. Corcoran appointed to Government Advice Panel

Professor Roisin P. Corcoran appointed to Government What Works Trial Advice Panel

Childhood eczema cannot be prevented by daily moisturiser use, study finds

Using moisturisers on newborn babies does not prevent eczema as previously thought, according to a major new study.

Improved access to Midwifery Units is urgently needed, says new study

A high number of pregnant women in England cannot access the maternity care most appropriate for them, according to a new study, which could be costing the NHS millions of pounds a year.

Theologian calls for renewed debate on Catholics sharing communion

A University of Nottingham theologian is calling for new and formal discussions in the Roman Catholic church to review an ecclesiastical law that prevents Catholics sharing holy communion with other Christian groups.

New breakthrough in tackling killer viruses threatening declining koala populations

Scientists have uncovered some of the reasons behind why koalas from different parts of Australia suffer from serious diseases and others don’t, which will help them in their mission to help save this vulnerable species.

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