School of Pharmacy

Medicines Manufacture

We are accelerating the scale-up of medicines for the most pressing needs of global healthcare

Our primary technologies are:

  • Real-time control of continuous manufacturing
  • 3D printing (additive manufacturing)

We are investigating a range of new technologies that enable increased flexibility in medicine manufacture that can deliver stratified or so called precision medicines for small groups of patients.

Methods for medicines

Many of today’s most challenging healthcare needs require new thinking not only on the drug (the active ingredient) but also the medicine (the formulated product the patient takes) and its method of manufacture. Some of these health needs have newly emerged from improved understanding of our genetic make-up and its relation to disease. This challenges our current western based model of ‘blockbuster’ drugs treating large populations of patients with the same medicine, making no attempt to differentiate the needs of sub-populations or even at the extreme the individual.

Examples of programmes of research that aim to make new 3D printed medicines include:

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