School of Pharmacy

Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Therapies Division


Our vision is to provide innovative solutions for tissue regeneration, to treat disease and improve quality of life.

To achieve this vision, our missions are to:

  • Unravel existing scientific challenges so that we can explore synergies between disciplines to make new discoveries.
  • Develop emerging solutions leading to major scientific breakthroughs in regenerative medicine and cellular therapies.

MAlvarez_dimpled particlesx466

A collection of biodegradable dimpled microparticles being used to study surface topography effects on 3D mammalian cell growth.

  • Nurture the potential of the next generation of future leaders in regenerative medicine to meet the demands of a changing research landscape.
  • Create a diverse and inclusive research culture open to developing new perspectives to enhance opportunities for knowledge exchange.
  • Innovate and drive discovery in areas that are untreatable by current medicine to translate our research and create clinical impact.
  • Drive investment in future regenerative medicine research to maintain the UK’s position as a global leader. 
  • Bridge disciplines to transform innovative concepts that will reach the community and have real impact on people’s lives.


The Division is a centre of excellence for the fabrication and characterisation of biomaterials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine purposes. In addition, our interdisciplinary research includes the development of systems to modulate mammalian cell responses to their environment

Expertise & equipment

The Division is based within the Centre for Biomolecular Sciences and the Boots Science Building.  Our laboratories are well-equipped with cutting edge tools and technologies for scientific research in the manipulation and control of mammalian cells and biomaterials development.





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