School of Pharmacy

Biomaterials Development

We have expertise in materials science including biomaterials design, fabrication and analysis using both natural and synthetic polymers.

Our expertise lies in:

  • the fabrication of microparticles able to deliver drugs
  • molecules and factors with tailored and controlled release profiles
  • produce porous microparticles to provide structural support during injectable cell delivery
  • fabricate both micro- and nano-fibrous scaffolds

Materials development is essential for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications where mammalian cells are required to grow and deposit new extracellular matrix to form new tissue.

3Dprintedscaffolds-web3D printed scaffolds with PCL and a cell-laden hydrogel

3D printing

Using 3D printing we fabricate scaffolds or matrices with defined geometries and cell arrangements. We fabricate both micro- and nano-fibrous scaffolds with functionalised surfaces to promote cell adhesion or with thermoresponsive polymers for enzyme free 3D cell expansion.

In addition, we have established methodologies to produce hydrogels from decellularised extracellular matrices which retain biological functionality.

By exploring and understanding the cell-material interface, we develop new cell-instructive materials including those that are stimuli responsive.

Tissue engineering

Engineering materials with functional biointerfaces builds on fundamental studies that elucidate cell behaviour in response to specific physical and chemical cues.

Through controlling material composition, structure and topography, we can create dynamic bioactive materials that mimic those found in the body and/or can stimulate tissue repair. These materials can not only be used to generate tissues for in vivo transplantation but for the development of in vitro models.

We are very active in developing bioactive materials for a number of tissue types including musculoskeletal and nerve regeneration and mucosal tissue engineering.

polymermicroparticles_dimpled-webPolymer microparticles with dimpled surface architecture

polymermicroparticles4controlledrelease-webPolymer microparticles for controlled release



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