School of Pharmacy

Molecular Therapeutics and Formulation Division

Our Division carries out leading edge research into: 

  • development of new drugs, vaccines and formulationsemerging therapeutic targets
  • the materials and processes

which turn these drugs and targets into medicines.

The breadth of research fields underlying Molecular Therapeutics and Formulation is very large, ranging from fundamental biology to pharmaceutical technology.

PhD student working under fume hood

This is an exciting and rapidly moving area of science, with new discoveries and advances constantly emerging from our labs and those all around the world. Researchers in the Division work in multi-disciplinary teams, often with collaborators in other countries and with industry, in order to design, understand and develop new and often highly complex pharmaceutical agents.

Research themes

A yellow light is passing through a Spark Plasma System.

Nanomaterials Formulation and Characterisation

Two vials containing chemotherapeutic drug solution. One vial contains a yellow liquid and the second vial contains a red liquid

Pharmacokinetics and Targeted Drug Disposition

A female student wearing glasses over her headscarf, wearing blue gloves holding up a vial with green liquid inside it.

Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Green and pink mitotic cells.

RNA in Health and Disease

Researcher working with hydrogel drug delivery. A close up of a man wearing blue gloves holding a scalpel into a petri dish

Nucleic Acid Therapeutics

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