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Pharmacokinetics and Targeted Drug Disposition

We have significant collaboration between researchers involved with pharmacokinetics and drug disposition and those in nanomaterials formulation, nucleic acid therapeutics and RNA biology, allergy and infection.

Research in this theme includes Biopharmaceutics/Pharmacokinetics, Targeted Drug Delivery and Disposition, Drug Design and Development, and includes the following specific areas:

  • Improvement of the efficiency, selectivity and safety profile of pharmacological therapy based on knowledge of pathophysiology of disease states and using advanced drug design, development and delivery methods.
  • Targeted disposition achieved by specific formulation or route of administration approaches to increase the therapeutic benefits of potent drugs while minimizing the systemic toxicity.
  • Intestinal lymphatic transport and targeting of drugs to lymph nodes to improve treatment outcomes of autoimmune diseases, cancer and HIV.
  • Effects of disease states on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs. 
  • Oral drug delivery, including the mechanisms of intestinal absorption and novel methods to overcome barriers to systemic bioavailability of orally administered drugs.
  • Targeted delivery to lungs to improve treatment outcomes of a variety of disease of respiratory system 

Projects in the theme have very direct translational significance and are accomplished by active links with clinical researchers at the hospital interface.

Functionalized Block Co‐Polymer Pro‐Drug Nanoparticles

Functionalized Block Co‐Polymer Pro‐Drug Nanoparticles with Anti‐Cancer Efficacy in 3D Spheroids and in an Orthotopic Triple Negative Breast Cancer Model


Proposed publications:

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