School of Pharmacy

Expertise and Equipment in the Biomolecular Science and Medicinal chemistry division


University of Nottingham: Managed Chemical Compound Collection



An Affordable & Automated Compound Management Facility at the University of Nottingham

  • Compound Library for High & Medium Throughput Screening
  • >85K Structurally diverse drug-like molecules
  • Lipinski “rule of 5” compliant
  • Library designed to provide the greatest cover of pharmacophore space


Purity Analysis & Structural Confirmation

  •  Samples stored at optimum condition as 10mM DMSO stock solutions.
  • Dedicated LC-MS system to ensure purity of compounds


Medicinal & Computation Chemistry Support

  •  Collaborative projects welcome

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Dr Lodewijk Dekker ; Division of Medicinal Chemistry and Structural Biology

School of Pharmacy

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