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Medicines use

A current theme is understanding and influencing medicines use behaviour at patient, prescriber and policy level.

Claire Anderson has been working with the Health Experiences Research Group at University of Oxford on a number of projects including antidepressants, medicines in chronic pain, HRT and multimorbidities (also with University of Manchester.)

The use of medicines in depression  

The overall aim of the research was to improve patient and health professional understanding of what it is like to use medicines for treating depression. The healthtalk website we produced shows people’s personal stories of using antidepressant medicines by seeing and hearing people share their personal stories on film. Our researcher travelled all around the UK to talk to 36 people in their own homes. The website shows what people said about issues such as deciding to take an antidepressant, different types of medicine and impact on work and lifestyle. Read more about the project on healthtalk. We performed a secondary analysis of medicines issues from the two existing interview collections on depression and depression in young people. We also performed a secondary analysis of medicines issues from the collection on psychosis, heart attack and menopause.

We are currently working on a NIHR HSRDR funded project on use of medicines at the end of life with colleagues from the School of Health Sciences.

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