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Pharmacists in patient facing roles in primary care


In 2015 NHS England (NHSE) commissioned the University of Nottingham to undertake an independent evaluation of a new scheme in Primary Care. The 18 month long scheme trialled the role of pharmacists in patient facing roles in primary care and was hosted at 6 GP sites across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

This work was very timely as a predecessor to the national NHS funded rollout of this new role. The University of Nottingham conducted an ethnographic evaluation of the scheme over 18 months, conducting a large number of site visits, observations of consultations, interviews with key stakeholder and patient focus groups. (Click image to enlarge)

The findings of the independent evaluation were reported to NHSE in 2017 PDF file icon.



The findings from the report demonstrate the ways in which Pharmacists in Primary Care can help to improve capacity, add quality and demonstrate unique skills. The pilot scheme was a ‘proof of concept’ scheme and the data presented in the report evidences the ways in which ‘CPIPs can play a positive role in general practice and have a positive impact at all levels - on patients, practices and the NHS’.

A theory of change model was developed which demonstrates the implementation of the pilot (see right -click to enlarge)

This work was led by Dr. Matthew Boyd in the School of Pharmacy as Primary investigator with Dr. Claire Mann as lead researcher. The work was supported by an interdisciplinary team who provided expert guidance. This team included Professor Claire Anderson (Pharmacy), Professor Tony Avery (Medicine), Professor Justin Waring (Nottingham University Business School), Dr. Chris Freeman (Primary Care Pharmacist University of Queensland) and Antony Chuter (patient representative).

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We would like to thank all NHS staff and research participants for their contribution to this project and thank NHS England for the opportunity to evaluate this cutting edge work.

The following word cloud represents data from patient focus groups (click to enlarge)

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