Advanced Manufacturing Technology Research Group

Biomedical Manufacturing 

The Biomedical Manufacturing research team focuses on understanding and improving manufacturing processes for a range of biomedical applications in this fast growing and dynamic field. We are involved in fundamental research to enable the next-generation of biomedical products including:
  • 3D bioprinting
  • novel drug delivery devices
  • cell scaffold design and manufacture
  • regenerative medicine manufacturing processes
Key research includes the development of new or improved process capabilities, novel biomedical structures and new modelling capabilities to predict or control the manufacturing processes.
Most of our research activities are multi-disciplinary collaborative projects benefiting from expertise across a number of scientific disciplines including pharmacy, polymer science and immunology. We also have strong links with practising clinicians which ensures successful impact of our research in healthcare.

Research Themes

Regenerative Medicine
Personalised 3D bioprinting patient specific implants
  • Prof Kevin Shakesheff
  • Dr Jing Yang
3D Bioprinting: Commercialising Personalised ATMP/Device Combination Products
  • Prof Nick Medcalf Loughborough University
  • Paul Hourd Loughborough University
A Design for Manufacturing Approach in Electrospun Scaffolds
  • Dr Felicity Rose
  • Prof Cameron Alexander
Drug Delivery
A novel drug delivery device for administering free flowing multi-particulates to paediatric patients
  • Dr Jonathan Burley
Delivery of Self-Assembled Prodrug Gels using Low Shear Injection
  • Dr Maria Marlow
  • Dr Tracey Bradshaw
  • Prof Barrie Kellam
Medical Devices
A novel method for the fabrication of porous poly-ether-ether-ketone using sodium chloride as a porogen
  • Dr Andy Kennedy
Manufacture of fully bioresorbable multiphase fixation devices
  • Prof David Grant
  • Dr Ifty Ahmed
New bioactive coatings for implants – manufacturing process integration
  • Prof David Grant
  • Dr Ifty Ahmed

Research Team

Director:  Joel Segal

Research Fellow: Andrew Gleadall

PhD Students:


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