Advanced Manufacturing Technology Research Group
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Digital Manufacturing 

The Manufacturing Systems research team focuses on improving and optimising manufacturing through superior control and data analysis techniques. With Digital Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 rapidly changing the manufacturing landscape, the Manufacturing Systems team utilises a multi-disciplinary team spanning Engineering, Computer Science, and Business, combined with strong Industrial partnerships to deliver world class industrially-relevant research in:

  • Flexible and agile manufacturing cells, lines, and control systems to respond to rapidly changing market demands.
  • Cloud manufacturing techniques to revolutionise how enterprises interact and collaborate on manufacturing projects.
  • Process simulation and optimisation tightly coupled to real-world measurements with embedded sensor data to reduce the divide between the real world and the digital twin.
  • Dissemination and training to enable the latest developments in digital manufacturing to be applied to meet real industrial challenges, especially for small to medium enterprises.


Advanced Manufacturing Technology Research Group

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