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Can occupational therapists help reduce falls among high-risk older people? 

This will be a cohort randomised controlled trial recruiting patients at high risk of falls from two existing NIHR trial cohorts. 

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Current research

Community-based rehabilitation after knee arthroplasty

This study is being carried out with patients who are undergoing total knee replacement and are considered at risk of poor outcome. The participants are randomised, with some receiving standard rehabilitation and others receiving community-based rehabilitation. The aim is to find out whether the community rehabilitation programme improves patient outcomes, the impact it has on physical function and quality of life, and the costs compared with standard rehabilitation.


Physiotherapy Management of Urinary Incontinence in Athletic Women- a Feasibility Study (POsITIve)

The aim of this study is to examine the feasibility of running a randomised control trial of one to one physiotherapy management of urinary incontinence in athletic women.

Incontinence affects up to half of all women at some point in their life. The rates are reported as being twice as high in athletes as in sedentary women. Currently only a small proportion of these women seek and receive treatment via physiotherapy despite NICE advice that 3 months of physiotherapy should be the first line treatment for those that present.

This feasibility study is a mixed methods three phase study and initially will interview health care professionals in primary care to explore current practice in this area.

It will then recruit athletic and sporting women from the local areas who self-report urinary incontinence and offer them six months one to one specialist physiotherapy treatment. Participants will be monitored at the start, at three months and at six months to evaluate their response to treatment and any change to their symptoms and quality of life.

Finally a number of these participants will be interviewed in detail to explore their response to the recruitment process, the intervention and any previous attempts they may have made to seek help for this problem.


Completed projects

  • Identifying fatigue in stroke patients to improve their care 

    Exploring how often fatigue is reported by post-stroke patients to improve management strategies. 

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  • Occupational therapy intervention for people who receive homecare re-ablement services 

  • A survey of footwear in elderly patients

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