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Asbestos Health and Safety

The hazardous nature of asbestos and asbestos products is well known (please see associated link for detailed information on asbestos hazards PDF format) and it is the University's aim that no one is put at risk from this hazard in their working environment.

The Estate Office is responsible for managing asbestos where it is incorporated into the fabric of University buildings. An Asbestos Register is maintained for the University Estate and the Estate Office must be contacted prior to any work involving penetration of the building fabric in order that the Register can be checked. 

Schools/Departments are responsible for managing asbestos where it is within items of equipment that they own (e.g. gaskets, seals, refractory linings and insulation).

Guidance for Managing Asbestos in Schools PDF format

If confirmation of the presence of asbestos components is required, please contact the Estate Office Helpdesk, which will arrange for the equipment to be checked

If any member of the University is in doubt about asbestos issues, they should be directed to contact the Estate Office at the earliest opportunity.


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