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The ENQUIRE Blog is an open platform primarily for postgraduate social sciences researchers to share their research, theoretical or methodological reflections with the world. We are very keen on featuring discussions on pressing contemporary social issues.

The blog is run by postgraduate researchers in the School of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Nottingham. We welcome submissions from postgraduate students and early career academics from all social sciences related disciplines and from any academic institution.

Invite for submissions

We warmly extend our invitation to submit blog posts to all postgraduate researchers primarily in sociology and social policy, but also related disciplines.

In keeping with the long-standing spirit of ENQUIRE, we are particularly keen to encourage those new to academia to participate in scholarly life, in this case through the blogosphere, and hope to provide a supportive environment in which to do so. So, if you are new to academic blogging, please do consider starting your journey as a blogger with us.

Potential posts can be discussed prior to submission with the editorial team. Queries and submissions for the ENQUIRE blog can be sent to:

Submission guidelines

Although all topics are welcome, we would be especially delighted to receive articles which are related to the theme of our recent conference: Social Research in Uncertain Times.

Each entry should be between 500 and 1,000 words, and should be written in accessible language, since we are hoping to encourage a wide and diverse audience to engage with the blog. If there is something which you are passionate about and you would like to communicate your findings or ideas about it to people beyond your specific field, this is a great chance to do so.

Please ensure that any factual information is verified, and remember to add relevant sources, including links, if necessary.

We encourage all our writers to write with personality and communicate what’s on their mind, while at the same time remaining professional and respectful.

If there are any images or videos which you would like to be published together with your post, feel free to let us know. We will gladly publish them, so long as we have legal permission to use said material.

Above all, enjoy the writing process! Articles are more powerful and effective when they are about something which you feel strongly about. The audience, in turn, will perceive that and your article will be more likely to attract a good response.


Editorial Team

The ENQUIRE blog is led by a team of dedicated postgraduate researchers from the School of Sociology and Social Policy:

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