ENQUIRE: Volume Three

Issue 1 - Stories of Migration: Research, Theories and Everyday Lives

Editors: Samuel Okyere, Roda Madziva, Joe Greener and Sue Brown

In our third ENQUIRE volume we present five articles on stories of migration. Migration is a concept that continuously defines the lives of millions of people across the planet in diverse ways. To respond to the changing characteristic of the phenomenon, social scientific investigations into migration have turned from purely structural or individual accounts into more theoretically aware analyses that synthesise the full range of factors relating to individual, community, nation and world.  There is also a growing awareness that fruitful analysis of migration requires a range of research agendas and methodologies.

This issue follows our very successful conference last year on the same theme. It provides insights from a diverse range of migration studies and includes theoretical critiques, policy research, political thinking, empirical studies on the lived stories of emigration and immigration as well as the methodology and methods used to conduct migration studies. We are very grateful to the authors and our panel of peer reviewers and hope you will enjoy reading the articles in the fifth issue as much as we have enjoyed working on them.

The Migration-Asylum Nexus in Turkey (pp 1-18)
Cavidan Soykan (University of Essex)
Full article

One Journey, Multiple Lives: Senegalese Women in Spain (pp 19-38)
Luna Vives (University of British Columbia)
Full article

Agency within Refugee Families and (dis)Integrations in Canadian Society: A Toronto Case-Study (pp 39-57)
Heather Laurel Peters (York University)
Full article

Bitter Berries of Better Life: Socio-Demographic Costs of Labour Migration for the Ukrainian society (pp 58-80)
Alissa V. Tolstokorova (Independent)
Full article

Without a Safety Net: Participatory Techniques in Research with Young Migrants  (pp 81-99)
Giovanna Fassetta Guariento (University of Strathclyde)
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