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Past sports bursars

Many top athletes have benefitted from the University's Sports Scholarship scheme.

Since its introduction in 1983, the University has seen its scholars win gold at the Olympics, take Commonwealth titles and compete for their country in key international events.

Pictured to the left are two of our more recent sports scholars - Tim Brabants and David Florence - who won gold and silver respectively at the last Olympic Games in 2008.



helen karagounis

Helen Karagounis

Key Sporting Achievement: Commonwealth Games silver medallist, 4 x100m relay

Sports Bursar:
2001 - 2004

Studied: Classic Civilisations



tim brabants

Tim Brabants


Key Sporting Achievement: 2008 Olympic Gold medallist in K1 1000m sprint canoeing

Sports Bursar: 1996 -1998, 2000 - 2001

Studied: Medicine, 2003

David Florence

David Florence

Key Sporting Achievement:2008 Olympic silver medallist in C1 Canoe Slalom

Sports Bursar: 2000 - 2005

Studied: Mathematical Physics, 2005

campbell walsh

Campbell Walsh


Key Sporting Achievement: Olympic silver medallist in K1 Canoe Slalom

Sports Bursar: 1996 - 1998, 2002 - 2004

Studied: Mathematical Physics 1999, Information Technology PGDip 2005



anne panter

Anne Panter

Key Sporting Achievement:2008 Olympian, GB Women's Senior Hockey Squad

Sports Bursar: 2008 - 9

Studied: Mathematics, 2009

Rob Moore

Rob Moore


Key Sporting Achievement: Olympian, GB Men's Hockey Squad

Sports Bursar: 2001 - 2003

Studied: Industrial Economics, 2008




kathryn evans

Kathryn Evans


Key Sporting Achievement: 2004 Olympian, GB Swimming Squad

Sports Bursar: 2000 - 2004

Studied: Environmental Biology, 2005


Jess Sylvester 


Key Sporting Achievement: 2008 Olympian, GB Swimming Squad

Sports Bursar: 2009 - 11

Studied: Biochemistry


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