BUCS Nationals 2024

The 2024 BUCS Nationals are here! Returning to the city of Sheffield from the 23-25 February 2024, we will see the best showcase of student sport across Athletics, Badminton, Climbing, and Swimming. We’ll also see Fencing and Karate return after having a separate Championship last year.

Six Sports. Three days. Non-stop sport, non-stop action!


The 2024 championships

The Annual British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) National Championships returned bigger than ever in 2024 taking place over the weekend of the 23th-25th February 2024. The University of Nottingham secured 35 medals at the championships, including 8 gold medals.

Each year the University of Nottingham takes over 100 student athletes to Sheffield for 3-days of top-class sport. The athletes compete across multiple venues: English Institute of Sport, Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Canon Medical Arena, and the Climbing Works

Over 5,000 students compete for individual medals in different sports which over recent years has included athletics, badminton, climbing, fencing, swimming, judo and karate.



  • Men's 60M Hurdles: Gold (Daniel Goriola)
  • Women's T46 60M Sprint: Bronze (Simran Kaur)


  • Men's Doubles: Bronze (Harry Goode/Samuel Smith)
  • Women's Doubles: Silver (Chloe Dennis/Natasha Lado)
  • Mixed Doubles: Bronze (Chloe Dennis/Sam Smith)
  • Women's Doubles: Bronze (Rachel Woods/Amie Whiteman) 
  • Women's Singles: Silver (Kirby Ngan)


  • Men's Epee: Gold (James Jeal)
  • Women's Foil: Bronze (Holly Thompson)
  • Men's Foil: Bronze (Wilf Broughton)
  • Women's Epee: Bronze (Grace O'Neil)


  • Open Kata: Gold
  • Women's Team Kumite: Gold
  • Men's Team Kumite: Gold
  • Men's Kata Individual: Gold (James Harrison)
  • Men's Kata Individual: Silver (Dylan Traves)
  • Men's Kata Individual: Bronze (Oliver Wycherly )
  • Women's Kata Individual: Gold (Jordanna Williams)
  • Women's Kata Individual: Silver(Jess Maitland)
  • Women's Kata Individual: Bronze (Amelia Clow)
  • Men's Individual Kumite (-67kg): Silver (Edward Mulhall)
  • Men's Individual Kumite (+84kg): Silver (Ryan Dewhurst)
  • Men's Individual Kumite (-75kg): Gold (James Walker)
  • Men's Individual Kumite (-67kg): Bronze (Liyoung Roka Magar)
  • Men's Individual Kumite (+84kg): Bronze (William Huke)
  • Women's Individual Kumite (-55kg): Silver (Jenna Cato)
  • Women's Individual Kumite (+68kg) Bronze (Kylie Sokis)
  • Women's Individual Kumite (-68kg) Bronze (Rebecca Adir)
  • Women's Individual Kumite (-68kg) Bronze (Francesca Squiteri)


  • Para 100M Butterfly: Silver (Aliya Bacakoglu)
  • Para 200M IM: Silver (Aliya Bacakoglu)
  • Para 100M Freestyle: Silver (Owen Say)
  • Para 100M Breaststroke: Bronze (Aliya Bacakoglu)
  • Para 50M Freestyle: Bronze (Owen Say)
  • Para 400M Freestlye: Bronze (Owen Say)


  • 60M T46 Sprint: Silver (Simran Kaur)
  • Men's High Jump: Bronze (Sean Oceng-Engena)


  • Women's Singles: Gold (Kirby Ngan)
  • Women's Doubles: Silver (Kirby Ngan/Sian Kelly)
  • Mixed Doubles: Bronze (Sam Smith/Sian Kelly)
  • Men's Doubles: Bronze (Sam Smith/Perry Ng)
  • Women's Doubles: Bronze (Aimie Whiteman/Susanna Ogden)


  • Para 100m Freestyle: Gold (Owen Say) 
  • Para 50m Freestyle (S8): Silver (Owen Say)
  • Para 400m Freestyle: Silver (Owen Say)
  • Para 100m Butterfly: Silver (Aliya Bacakoglu)
  • Para 200m IM: Silver (Aliya Bacakoglu)
  • 50m Freestyle: Bronze (Amy Davies) 


  • Women's Championship: Bronze (Emma Futcher)


• 60M T46 Sprint: Gold (Simran Kaur)


• Men’s Singles: Gold (John Torjussen)

• Women's Singles: Silver (Kirby Ngan)

• Women’s Doubles: Silver (Sian Kelly/Kirby Ngan)

• Men's Doubles: Gold (John Torjussen/Sam Smith)

• Men's Doubles: Bronze (David Hong/Perry Ng)

• Mixed Doubles: Bronze (Sam Smith/Sian Kelly)


• Men’s Sabre: Bronze (Stefano Lucchetti)

The BUCS National Championships for 2021 were cancelled due to global Covid-19 pandemic which saw the widespread postponement of sports fixtures across the world.


• Mixed Team Kata: Gold

• Women’s Senior Kata: Gold (Lauren Fretwell)

• Men’s Senior Kata: Gold (Dylan Traves)

• Women’s Team Kumite: Gold

• -60kg Men's Senior Individual Kumite: Silver (Jas Mehat)

• -68kg Women's Senior Individual Kumite: Bronze (Julia Kern)

• -61kg Women's Senior Individual Kumite: Bronze (Charlotte Hope)


• U48kg Individual Judo: Gold (Amy Platten)

• U63kg Individual Judo: Bronze: (Ebonnie Bridges)


• Men's Sabre: Gold (Stefano Lucchetti)

• Women's Sabre: Silver (DeAna Oliver)

• Men's Foil: Last 8 (Alex Jones)

• Men's Foil: Last 16 (Daniel Kiss)

• Women's Foil: Last 8 (Serena Patel)

• Men's Epee: Last 16 (Henri Kopra)


• Men’s Singles: Gold (Johnnie Torjussen)

• Men’s Singles: Bronze (Shane Wilson)

• Mixed Doubles: Silver (Emily Westwood/Johnnie Torjussen)

• Women’s Doubles: Bronze (Emily Westwood/Sian Kelly)

• Women’s Singles: Bronze (Khin Gon Yi Lin)


• Women’s Singles: Gold medal (Li Lian Yang)

• Men’s Singles: Bronze (John Torjussen)

• Badminton Women’s Doubles: Bronze (Emily Westwood/Li Lian Yang)

• Badminton Mixed Doubles: Bronze (Emily Westwood/Phone Naing)

• Badminton Mixed Doubles: Bronze (Sam Smith/Serena Midha)


• 100m Backstroke: Gold (Oludaisi Adefisan)

• 50m Freestyle swimming: Bronze (Oludaisi Adefisan)


• Mixed Team Kata: Gold

• Women’s Senior Kata: Gold (Lauren Fretwell)

• Men’s Senior Kata: Gold (Dylan Traves)

• U67kg Men’s Senior Kumite: Bronze (Aron O’Neil Smith)

• U60kg Men’s Senior Kumite: Bronze (Jas Mehat)

• +84kg Men’s Senior Kumite: Bronze (Jaydon Knight)


• -U100kg Individual Judo: Bronze (Dan Richardson)

• 90Kg Individual Judo: Silver (Adam Watson)

• Individual Judo 81kg: Gold (Adam England)

• Men’s Judo Team: Silver

• U63kg Individual Judo Bronze: (Ebonnie Bridges)


• Women’s Singles: Gold medal (Li Lian Yang)

• Men’s Singles: Bronze medal (Phone Pyae Naing)

• Mixed Doubles: Gold medal (Li Lian Yang and Phone Pyae Naing)

• Men’s Doubles: Bronze medal (Sam Smith and Harry Arksey)


• 800m Breaststroke: Silver medal (Polly Holden)

• 400m Freestyle: Bronze medal (Polly Holden)

• 100m Breaststroke: 6thplace (Cira Fletcher)

• 50m Breaststroke: 5thPlace (Cira Fletcher)


• Short Range Rifle: Bronze medal (Tim Jeffery)


• Men’s Epée Last 16: (Henry Kopra)

• Men’s Foil Last 32: (Alexander Jones)


• Men’s Team Kumite: Bronze medal

• Men’s -63kgs Senior Kumite : Bronze medal (Jack Goody)

• Men’s Senior Kumite:-84kg: 5thplace (James Conlan)

• Women’s Senior Kumite: 5thplace (Caroline Shaw)


• Men’s -81kg: Quarter Final (Adam England)


• Women’s 60m: Bronze medal (Hayley Mills)

• Women’s 200m: Bronze medal (Hayley Mills)


• Women’s Singles: Gold medal (Li Lian Yang)

• Women’s Doubles: Silver medal (Charlotte Ho and Vanessa Chien)

• Mixed Doubles: Bronze medal (Li Lian Yang and Rohan Midha)


• Courtney Price: 6th in 50m backstroke (A final)

• Courtney Price: 5th 200m backstroke (A final)

• Courtney Price: 6th 100m Backstroke (A final)

• James Newton: 8th 200m backstroke (A final)


• Epée Last 16: Laura Albini


• Women’s Team Kata: Bronze medal

• Men’s Team Kumite: Bronze medal

• Women’s -57Kg Novice: Silver medal (Lorna Hack)


• 81kg DAN Grade: Bronze medal (Gytis Jucikas)

• Men’s Team Event: Bronze medal

• Women’s -63Kg Kyu grade: Bronze medal (Ali Pickwell)

• Men’s Kyu grade: Bronze medal (Tom Kitchen)


• Shotput: Bronze medal (Tatum Souza)

• Men’s 3000m: 7th place (Jack Millar)

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