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UoN Moves is an app that tracks and rewards you for the physical activity you do. Simply connect your physical activity tracking app or wearable device to your Moves account and away you go. For every step, mile or metre you walk, run, cycle or swim, you'll earn points that you can redeem for a range of rewards and get involved in challenges to suit every ability level!

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What is the Moves app?

The University of Nottingham Moves app is a free app for University students and staff. You can track your activity - steps, running, cycling and swimming - to gain Moves points. Redeem your points for a range of fantastic rewards from University clothing to sports massages!

The app also includes fun daily, weekly and monthly challenges to earn extra points and stay motivated. Integrated leader boards mean you and your friends can help keep each other on track. The app works with all the most popular wearable devices and trackers, including Apple, Garmin, Strava, Google Fit, Withings and Fitbit. You can also use your phone.

How can I get involved?


Download the Moves app on the Apple store here or the Google Play store here


Select 'University of Nottingham' from the list.


Sign up with a nottingham.ac.uk e-mail address and your student ID number.


Connect a tracker of your choice to enable activity tracking and allow you to earn points for your movement!

Top features


Rewards - Build your points balance by running, swimming, walking and cycling. All points can be redeemed for prizes within the app, including Amazon vouchers, catering credits, Portland Clothing merch and monthly raffles for large prizes.


Challenges - Fancy going head-to-head? Compete in a range of active challenges with your friends to earn additional prizes.


Groups - Be social on UoN Moves by inviting your friends, creating private groups and working together to achieve group goals.

star_outline Badges - Earn digital rewards and badges to acknowledge your achievements and milestones within the app.

I really enjoy using the Moves App and it motivates me to do more steps. I only discovered the challenges recently but they really motivate me to do more steps and walk to uni instead of getting the bus! I've now realised how few steps I used to do before using the Moves App.

Moves App User

I’m typically not that active and always opt for driving places but the points based system has been a great motivator to walk instead of driving to places and get fresh air more often as I have something to walk towards!

Moves App User

The moves+ app has inspired me to stick at my goal of 10000 steps every day. I'm now on a 100 day streak!

Moves App User

Your questions

Apple Health, Garmin, Google Fit, Fitbit, Strava, and Withings.  More information on connecting your tracker can be found here.

Yes - there are free activity trackers such as Strava and Google Fit that allow you to track your movement through your mobile device. If you have any questions about wearable trackers, please email moves@nottingham.ac.uk

Yes, you can connect with your University of Nottingham friends on the app.

Send them a friend request if they are already a Moves+ user and if not, you can get yourself an extra 50 points if you invite them and they sign up! Just head to the ‘explore’ tab and select ‘People’ to add friends.

Once you have connected as friends you can check out where you sit amongst your friends on the leader board. You can even create  your own  private groups where you can work towards collective goals. 

For full terms and conditions of  using the University of Nottingham Moves App please click here.