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The WH Revis Article 26 Scholarship

Referee Guidance

The reference should be provided on headed paper and signed and dated by the referee.The referee should include the following information:

  • Their name, position, institution and contact details.
  • The name of the WH Revis Article 26 Scholarship applicant.
  • A brief statement addressing the following:
    • In what capacity and for how long have you known the applicant.
    • Your understanding of the applicant’s financial circumstances and any barriers she/he has had to overcome to pursue and continue their education.
    • How well suited is the applicant to the Higher Education course that they plan to take and how realistic are the student’s ambitions?
    • What contribution, to your knowledge, has the applicant has made to college/school life and/or their community.


    • Confirmation of the applicant’s status with regard to their (or their relevant family member’s) application for asylum in the UK (please refer to the form’s guidance notes for further details).

The reference can either be returned to the applicant for inclusion with their application or can be forwarded directly to the University of Nottingham’s Funding & Financial Support team by emailing the reference to:

If you would like to submit the reference by an alternative method please contact the Funding & Financial Support team to discuss this (see contact details below).

Please contact us if you need any further help in completing this reference.


Please note the closing date for applications is 30th June 2023 — all supporting evidence must be received by this date.

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