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Finding print books

To find a book, you can use:

Many books are available in both printed and electronic format.

Using the online reading list system

Reading lists are compiled by your lecturers and provide details of recommended reading to support your studies.

Most reading lists are available online. To access the reading lists:



There are currently two different systems for students in the UK and students in China/Malaysia.  See the appropriate section below.

Checking the availability of recommended readings (UK students)


  • Click on the 'title' of the book
  • Check the location and availability information on the right-hand side
  • Click on 'view in catalogue' to see further information
  • Click on 'find other formats/editions' to see if a book is available in electronic format or has earlier/later editions available.

Journal articles:

  • Click on the 'title' of the article
  • Click on the 'SFX' icon
  • Articles available online will say 'full text available'. Click on the 'go' button to be taken to the article
  • Articles available in print will say 'view holdings in the Library Online Catalogue'. Click on the 'go' button for more information


  • Click on the 'title of the webpage'
  • Click on the web address (URL) to be taken to the webpage.

Checking the availability of recommended readings (China and Malaysia students)


  • Click on the 'UNNCLOC (China)', 'UNMCLOC (Malaysia)' buttons for printed and electronic books   

Journal articles:

  • Click on the 'find text via SFX' link to access full-text electronic journal articles (China only)
  • Click on the 'UNCCLOC (China)' button for journal articles in print.  Students from Malaysia should refer to the finding electronic journals section for accessing recommended journal articles.


  • Click on the 'web resource' link to access recommended websites.

Using NUsearch

NUsearch can be accessed using the links below or by using the dedicated terminals within libraries:








To find books on NUsearch you can type one or more of the following into the Library Collections search box:

  • Author's last name (surname)
  • Significant word or words from the title
  • ISBN.

Click on 'search'.

Using NUsearch to check the availability of books

From the results list click on 'Locations & Requests' or 'View ... versions', then 'Locations & Requests'. You will see the:

  • Library or libraries stocking the book
  • Classmark. This is where you will find the book on the shelves
  • Loan status of the book
  • Due date (if the book is out on loan).

Using NUsearch to find books on a subject area

From the Library Collections search box:

  • Type in your subject keywords, separated by spaces, or
  • Use the Advanced Search to combine multiple keywords together.

Finding older material

In the UK some older material has not yet been included in the Library Online Catalogue.

This older material can be searched on the University of Nottingham Library Electronic Card Catalogue (UNLECC).

In both China and Malaysia all material canbe found in the Library Online Catalogue.

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Finding books 



Reading lists

Library access online

Further reading


  • Using Library Lending Services
  • Infocasts
  • Online research & information skills on Moodle: Malaysia

Reading and interpreting sources and data


People who can help

Talk to someone in your school or a specialist support service


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