Canada Student Loans FAQ

How do I apply for a loan from the Government of Canada?
Applications are available online or can be obtained from your province or territory's student financial assistance office. Please see Canada Student Loans - Apply for further guidance. 
How will I know if I am eligible for loans?
For detailed information concerning eligibility and lifetime borrowing limits please refer to Canada Student Loans Eligibility. You can also contact your province or territory's student financial assistance office for further advice.
Will the University receive loan funds directly to cover my fees?
No, the University does not request any loan funding directly for Government of Canada student loans. Once you have received your loan funds, you should make payment to the University for your fees. Please see Canada Student Loans - After you have applied to find out how loans are disbursed.
How can I pay my tuition fees?
Tuition fees can be paid in instalments. Please see Student Fees and Finance for more information. 
How do I repay my loan?
Please see Paying back your Canada Student Loan for guidance regarding repayment methods and schedules.
Who can complete and sign my loan forms?

Formal documentation relating to Government of Canada student loans requiring completion by the University should be forwarded to Registry & Academic Affairs (Global Engagement).  Documentation may include, however is not limited to:

  • Enrolment Confirmation Forms
  • Program Information Forms

Forms may be emailed to or forwarded by post to:

Registry & Academic Affairs (Global Engagement)
University of Nottingham
E Floor, Portland Building
University Park

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C Floor, YANG Fujia Building
Jubilee Campus, Wollaton Road
Nottingham, NG8 1BB, UK

+44 (0) 115 951 5247
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