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Applying for the Graduate visa

When can I apply for the Graduate visa?

You can apply at any time from the date that the university reports your successful completion and award to UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), up to the date your current visa expires. The length of your visa will be based on the date you apply, so there is no advantage in applying too early.

As long as you submit your online visa application before your current visa expires, it does not matter if your visa expires while you are waiting for a decision, as you are allowed to remain in the UK while a visa application is pending and you are covered by your previous visa conditions.


What is the latest I can apply for Graduate visa?

You need to apply before your Student or Tier 4 visa expires.


How much will it cost?

The cost is £715 visa fee per applicant plus £624 Immigration Health Surcharge per applicant for each year of the visa.


What documents will I need to apply?

The vast majority of applicants will need only their passport and their biometric residence permit, as well as their most recent CAS number (only the number itself). You will not need to show financial evidence, academic certificates or proof of English language ability.


Do I need permission from my official financial sponsor that I am applying for the Graduate visa?

Yes, if within the 12-month period before you apply you have been sponsored for your tuition fees and living costs by a government or international sponsorship agency, you will need a letter showing their consent to you applying under this route.

This is not required if your sponsor is a university, an international company, an independent school, or any other type of financial sponsor, but we still recommend checking the terms and conditions of your funding for any restrictions on extending your stay in the UK, and any financial penalties you might incur if you break the terms.


Can I choose to have a shorter visa instead of two (or three) years and pay less IHS?

No – the visa is always for the standard length of time and you are liable for the Immigration Health Surcharge for the whole period.


Can my dependants (spouse/partner/children) apply for visas when I apply for Graduate Route visa?

No new dependants are allowed on the Graduate Route visa. You can only have dependants on this visa if they were already dependants on your Student visa.


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