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Cat Quine

Postgraduate Research Student, Faculty of Arts



I began my doctoral research into the Host of Heaven in 2015, funded by an M3C (AHRC) doctoral studentship, and supervised by Dr. Carly Crouch. Prior to this I studied for my undergraduate degree in Theology and Religious Studies here at Nottingham in 2010-2013, winning the Ed Ball Prize for the best dissertation in Biblical Studies, before being awarded a HEFCE Oxford Graduate scholarship to pursue a Masters in Theology at the University of Oxford, under the supervision of Prof. John Barton.

Alongside my studies I have engaged in a number of ventures, including working on the Lautenschlager Azekah Expedition as an Assistant Area Supervisor (2012-15). This work was funded by grants from the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society (2013) and the Shirlee Myers Excavation Fellowship (2015). Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of working alongside Dr. Jeremy Hutton and assisting in the digitization of Palmyrene inscriptions held at the Ashmolean Museum as part of the Wisconsin Palmyrene Aramaic Inscription Project. In 2016-17 I also worked as a research assistant on an online museum exhibition that forms part of the Society of Old Testament Study's centenary celebrations. This exhibition, entitled "Jerusalem: Fall of a City, Rise of a Vision" is freely available online and explores Jerusalem's development from a small Iron Age city to the Jerusalem of the imagination. I am the lead organizer for the M3C funded conference on "Borders and Boundaries in Ancient Israel: Territory, Nationality and Identity," which is a two-day interdisciplinary conference to be held at the University of Nottingham, June 2018. Keynote addresses will be delivered by Prof. Christopher B. Hays, Prof. Mahri Leonard-Fleckman and Prof. Shayna Sheinfeld.

Expertise Summary

My research focuses on the development of the biblical traditions within their historical context. To this end I seek to contextualize the results of detailed examination of the biblical texts against the broader background of archaeological and extra-biblical material. This approach has informed all my undergraduate and graduate work and has resulted in articles on Proverbs and City Gates and Assyrian Inscriptions and Psalm 11, as well as a forthcoming article on Isaiah 48 and the Region of Benjamin.

Teaching Summary

Lecturer for Intermediate Biblical Hebrew, (Level 2/3), 2017-18.

  • Texts taught: 1-2 Kings, Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28

Guest Lecturer for Prophets and Prophecy in the Hebrew Bible, (Level 2/3) 2017-18.

  • Lecture Topics: Isaiah 40-55 (1/3)

Lecturer and Seminar Tutor for History, Literature, and Theology of the Hebrew Bible, (Level 1) 2017-18.

  • Lecture Topics: The 7th Century Kings, Amos and Hosea, Isaiah 1-39, Isaiah 40-66, Haggai and Zechariah, Ezra-Nehemiah and Ruth
  • Seminar topics: Creation; Pentateuch; History, Archaeology and the Bible; Prophecy

Teaching Affiliate for History, Literature, and Theology of the Hebrew Bible (Level 1, 3 per week), 2016-17.

  • Seminar Topics: Post-Exilic Identity; Exile and Destruction; History and the Kingdom of Judah; Prophecy under the Monarchy; Archaeology and the Bible; The United Monarchy; The Patriarchal Traditions; Creation

Research Summary

Doctoral Dissertation: "The Development of the Host of Heaven in Ancient Israel"

Many works have studied the various spheres in which the Host of Heaven appear, such as the divine council, Yahweh's warrior traditions, the debate over Assyrian and Babylonian imperial influence on the cult of Judah, and the development of monotheism in ancient Israel. As yet, however, no full-length study has focused on the Host of Heaven themselves. This project examines all the references to the Host of Heaven in the Hebrew Bible and reassesses previous scholarly assumptions pertaining to them. As with all my research, I place great emphasis on contextualizing the development of the Host of Heaven traditions in the Hebrew Bible within the broader context of ancient Near Eastern cultic, political, and cultural developments. I also give special consideration to the impact of intra-Judahite, as well as inter-national, politics and polemics.

Selected Publications

  • CAT QUINE, 2018. 'Reading Micaiah's Heavenly Vision (1 Kgs 22:19-23) and 1 Kings 22 as Interpretive Keys.' Zeitschrift fur die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft. (In Press.)
  • CAT QUINE, 2018. 'Nineveh's Pretensions to Divine Power in Nahum 3:16.' Vetus Testamentum. (In Press.)
  • CAT QUINE, 2018. 'Reading "House of Jacob" in Isaiah 48:1-11 in Light of Benjamin.' Journal of Biblical Literature. (In Press.)
  • CAT QUINE, 2017. 'The Bird and the Mountains: A Note on Psalm 11.' Vetus Testamentum. 67(3), 470-479.

Conferences Organized:

Borders and Boundaries in Ancient Israel: Territory, Nationality and Identity. University of Nottingham, June 2018. (Principal organizer; interdisciplinary Biblical Studies and Archaeology conference)

Reading Bodies, Writing Minds: Mental Health in the Medical Humanities. University of Nottingham, April 2017. (co-organizer; interdisciplinary Humanities conference)

The Nineteenth Iron Age Research Student Symposium. The Universities of Leicester and Nottingham, May 2016. (co-organizer; Archaeology conference)

Conference Papers Presented:

'Reading Micaiah's Heavenly Vision and 1 Kings 22 as Hermeneutical Lenses.' Nottingham Biblical Seminar, October 2017.

'Reading the Host of Heaven Polemic as Compensation for Ritual Failure.' Ritual in the Biblical World Session; International Society of Biblical Literature, Berlin, August 2017.

'Reading the "House of Jacob" in Isaiah 48:1-11 in Light of Benjamin.' Nottingham Biblical Seminar, June 2017.

'Zephaniah's Astral Priests in Josiah's (Deuteronomistic) Reform.' The Book of the Twelve Session; Society of Biblical Literature, San Antonio, November 2016.

'Mizpah and Bethel in Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel: Arguments from Silence.' Prophets and Prophecy Session; European Association of Biblical Studies, Leuven, July 2016.

'Fortresses and Politics in 7th Century BCE Judah.' International Ancient Warfare Conference, University of Gothenburg, June 2016.

'The Host of Heaven in the Seventh Century BCE: Idolatrous Practice or Yahwistic Response to Cultic Crisis?' European Association of Biblical Studies Graduate Symposium, University of Cluj-Napoca [Romania], March, 2016.

'Laying Down the (Levitical?) Law: Cosmological Control in Deuteronomy 18:9-14.' Centre for Bible and Ethics Study Day, University of Nottingham, February 2016.

'The Host of Heaven in the Seventh Century BCE: The Politics of Polemic, The Politics of Piety.' Informal Biblical Seminar, University of Nottingham, 2015.

'Isaiah 41:18-20 as Anti-Assyrian Rhetoric?' Oxbridge Biblical Studies Conference, University of Cambridge, 2015.

'Rivers vs. Seas: The Role of Topography in Biblical and Mythological Presentations of Nature as Caution Against Extracting "Theologies of Nature" from Biblical Texts.' Twentieth Postgraduate Religion and Theology Conference, University of Bristol, 2015.

'Learning from Lachish: Interdisciplinary Approaches at Azekah and the Increasing Importance of Archaeology for Biblical Studies.' Faculty of Theology Old Testament Seminar, University of Oxford, 2015.

'"Oh my People Remember Now": Sacred Texts within a Sacred Text - Micah 3:12, 4:1-5, 6:5.' Birmingham Postgraduate Biblical Studies Conference, University of Birmingham, 2014.

'The Diversity of the Dragons of Ezekiel 29 and 32: A Re-Examination of the Unification Proposed by Academic Tradition.' Birmingham Postgraduate Biblical Studies Conference, University of Birmingham, 2013.

Future Research

My previous work on politics, polemic, and the development of the biblical traditions within their ancient context has resulted in my developing a growing interest in the formation and presentation of Israelite and Judahite identity in the Hebrew Bible. This forms the basis of my next research project, which will be a comprehensive investigation of Benjamin - region, tribe, and literary/narrative character - and its importance for the development of Israelite identity and the formation of the Hebrew Bible. I have presented papers on this subject in the Nottingham Biblical Seminar (2017) and the European Association of Biblical Studies Conference (2016) and have an article forthcoming in the Journal of Biblical Literature that touches on some of these matters.

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