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General Admissions Questions

How can I apply for the Masters Programmes?

You may apply online using the following link:

What is the GMAT requirement for the MSc Programmes?

We do not require the GMAT or GRE.

How long do the Masters programmes last?

The Masters programmes last for 12 months.

What is the structure of the Masters?

Each Master programme starts in September each year and ends in Mid-End September the following year with the submission of a dissertation.

Can I start in January?

No. We only have a September intake each session.

Can I find out if I am a suitable candidate for the course before applying?

You are welcome to email us and we will advise you what our entry requirements are and whether you appear to meet these requirements; however, we cannot determine if you will be made an offer for the programme until we have received the official application form.

Can I apply for more than one MSc Programme at the Business School?

You are welcome to apply for as many courses as you wish but you will need to pay the application fee for each course, and submit a set of supporting materials for each application. However, please note that the Business School will automatically consider applicants for the most suitable alternative MSc if your application is unsuccessful for the course your originally applied for. Thus it is not necessary for you to apply for more than one programme.

Can I schedule an appointment with the programme administrator or course director to discuss my qualifications and interest in the programme?

The Business School hold several MSc Open Events for applicants to come and meet academic and administrative staff as well as meet current MSc Students. To find out the dates of these events and to register, please go to the following link:

If, however, you are unable to attend one of our Open Events, we are happy to meet with potential applicants and, wherever possible, we will try to arrange an appointment with a course director. If you do wish to come and visit us and would like an appointment, please email the admissions team.

What careers support is available to students on the MSc Programmes?

The Business School has a dedicated Postgraduate Careers Service. You can find out more information at the following link:

Who is my admissions administrator?

Once you have submitted your application, you will be assigned an admissions contact, who will be able to assist with any queries you have in relation to your application. If you have applied for one of the following Programmes, your admissions contact is Wendy Bull.

  • MSc Banking and Finance
  • MSc Corporate Social Responsibility
  • MSc Corporate Strategy and Governance
  • MSc Finance and Investment
  • MSc Management
  • MSc Marketing
  • MSc Risk Management
Wendy can be contacted by emailing or by telephoning +44 (0) 115 846 6603.

If you have applied for one of the following programmes, your admissions contact is Philip Bonstow.
  • MSc Entrepreneurship
  • MSc Industrial Engineering and Operations Management
  • MSc International Business
  • MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • MSc Operations Management
  • MSc Operations Management and Manufacturing Systems
  • MSc Supply Chain and Operations Management
Philip can be contacted by emailing or by telephoning +44 (0) 115 846 8070.

Questions Specifically in relation to Offer-Holders

How do I accept my offer?

You can accept your offer by completing and returning the PG01 form that was sent wit your official offer letter or by logging onto the applicant portal.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

All international students are required to pay a 2,000 tuition fee deposit before an electronic Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) can be issued. A CAS is an essential document for students applying for a student visa under Tier 4 of the Points-Based System (PBS). For more information on Tier 4 visas visit International students will be able to pay the deposit, once their offer status is 'unconditional' and they have firmly accepted the offer. The deposit will be offset against the fee for those who register. However, for those who are unable to register with the University, the deposit will be refunded, minus a 100 administration fee.

There is no deposit for Home and EU applicants.

When can I apply for accommodation?

Applicants who have been made an offer and paid the Business School deposit will be able to apply for accommodation after 01st March. In order to be guaranteed an accommodation place you will need to apply before 1st August.

I have not met the conditions of offer can I still start the course?

You will need to send us evidence that you have not met the conditions of offer. Your application will then be reviewed by the Deputy Director of MSc Programmes who will determine whether you can still start the course.

I was made a conditional offer and have evidence that I met the conditions of my offer. What do I do now?

You need to send evidence of this to the University. Providing you have met the conditions of offer and there are no other conditions imposed we will issue you with a new unconditional offer letter.

Are there any scholarships available?

We offer a number of generous competitive scholarships. For more information please visit or contact

I have been awarded a scholarship and/or my sponsor is paying the full tuition fee amount, who do I need to inform?

Please send evidence to the admissions administrators, who will update our records. International students will also need to provide the information to the International Office, via

You may also be required to supply evidence to the university's tuition fees office once you have commenced the course.

How much additional money is needed to cover living costs, e.g. food, books, accommodation?

Typically, you will require an estimated 800 per month in addition to the tuition fees. This amount will cover basic expenses such as accommodation costs, food, daily travel, books, equipment and other necessities. This figure is given as a guide only – the amount you actually spend will depend upon where you choose to live, and your personal lifestyle.

Can I request to change my programme now that I hold an offer?

If you wish to change your course during the admissions process, you will need to apply again. Your new application will then go through the normal admissions process. Please note the Business School only allow applicants to hold one offer and therefore if your new course application is successful, you will be required to choose the course you wish to proceed with.

Can I request to change my programme once I have registered with the University?

Yes you can submit a request to transfer your programme, providing that you meet the entry requirements for the programme, during the first two weeks of the course. Course Transfer forms are available from the Postgraduate Reception once you have registered with the University and should be submitted to Wendy Bull.

What do I do if I want to defer my offer?

You can request to defer your offer of a place by emailing the relevant admissions administrator who will then process your request.

Questions relating to registration and the timetable

What is the timetable for the Masters?

Individual course timetables will be given out during week 1 (induction week), but typically the courses consist of 2 semesters and a summer period in which the student will be required to complete the dissertation. Lectures can be any day of the week but usually consist of three hour lectures or two hour lectures plus some small group teaching per module.

When do the exams take place?

The semester 1 exams take place in January and the semester 2 exams take place in May.

I have received information on registration with both the Business School and Centrally. Which registration event do I attend?

It is very important that you register with both the Business School and the Central University. Your registration with the University will not be complete until you have registered with both the Central University and the Business School provide important information which you will not be able to obtain at any other registration event. There will also be other Induction events run by the Business School during week 1, including course overviews and module option talks.

What happens if I am going to be late registering?

It is very important that you try to register for your course during the slot allocated to you (details will be sent to you by letter prior to registration); however, if you are have extenuating circumstances and will be late registering, you need to email with the reason you will be registering late and your intended date of arrival. You will then be issued with a new registration date and time.

How do I choose my optional modules?

We will hold course overviews and module option talks during the registration week (week 1), which you will attend to gain understanding of what's available to your particular course. Following which you will be required to submit the module entry form by end of week 2 of teaching.

A list of FAQ's can also be found on the University's Enquiry Centre Website

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