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Pay Award Update 2017

The University of Nottingham undertakes annual pay negotiations via national collective bargaining for UCU represented staff groups and through local pay negotiations for staff groups represented by Unison and Unite.

For the 2017/2018 pay award, the national negotiations (UCU staff groups) have concluded, while local negotiations (Unison and Unite) are awaiting ballot results. A more detailed update is available via our News pages.

UCU represented staff groups

The University has implemented the 2017/2018 pay award in the August 2017 payroll. The effective date for this pay award is 1 August 2017.

Unison and Unite represented staff groups

The University is not in a position to apply the 2017/2018 pay award for these staff groups at this time, as the outcome of the ballots are not yet known. The effective date for the latest pay award for these Staff Groups remains 1 August 2016. The 2017/2018 pay award will apply for these staff groups from 1 August 2017 once confirmed.

As the pay award has not yet been confirmed for the O&F, Childcare Services, APM (Levels 1-3) and Technical Services job families, the University is currently using two different salary scales. The first for those staff groups where the 2017/2018 pay award has been applied, and the second for those staff groups where the 2016/2017 pay award continues to apply pending the completion of 2017/18 pay negotiations.

When consulting the salary scales below, please ensure that you view the scale that applies to the relevant staff group.

When local negotiations have concluded, the University will revert to a single salary scale document and this page will be updated accordingly.

Salary Scales

Download the 01/08/2017 salary scales for UCU represented staff groups (R&T (all levels) and APM Levels 4 and above)

Download the 01/08/2016 salary scales for Unison and Unite represented staff groups (Technical Services (all levels), Childcare Services (all levels), O&F (all levels) and APM (levels 1-3 only)

Additional Salary Scale Information

Most University staff are paid a salary which is based on a nationally-agreed scale. The scale is split into six main levels and provides the starting point for a seventh level.

The levels are divided into a progression range, from the minimum to the maximum point and an advancement range, for progression above the maximum point to the supermaximum point of the level. The levels work slightly differently in the Operations and Facilities job family with spot salaries within the level. Further information on salary progression is available in the PDPR section.

Salaries are paid monthly on the penultimate working day of the month.  See Pay Dates and Deadlines.


On-costs, based on the 1 August 2016 pay award are available below. These will be updated within the Salary Scale document when the 2017/2018 local pay award has been agreed.

Download the 01/08/2016 salary scales including on-costs


Download the 01/08/2016 allowances paid to Technicians



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