Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Doctoral Training Programme

People from all backgrounds come to Nottingham to study a PhD. We've spoken to a selection of our current students to find out why they are passionate about what they do and the path they took into research.

PhD student in a lab

Britany Clarke

Identifying new ways to reduce disease in pig farming and combat global antimicrobial resistance

PhD student in a lab

Dean Walsh

Examining how nanosensors can monitor the build up of harmful bacteria

PhD student in a greenhouse

Sophie Cowling

Exploring genetic variations in rice to produce more resilient strains

PhD student and their dog in a veterinary lab

Emma Drinkall

Combining animal care and scientific expertise to investigate the health of fish


Adesh Vaidya

Understanding how the protein Survivin plays diverse roles in research

Andrews research

Andrew Raslan

Developing simple extrusion protocols for silk-based ink that will help create more advanced ink in the future

Hannah's Research

Hannah Lockington

Understanding the molecular basis of antipsychotic drugs using a range of imaging and pharmacological techniques

Federico's Research

Federico Turco

Studying the use of a bacteria called C.metallidurans CH34 for biotechnological applications in the production of renewable energy

Mercedes Research

Mercedes Vazquez

Developing a cellular model of triple negative breast cancer (TNBC)

Rhianna's Research

Rhianna Lenham

Developing therapeutic agents designed to enhance insulin secretion, thus broadening the range of treatments available for diabetic patients

Ilma's Research

Ilma Qonaah

Understanding aphid resistance mechanism in wheat (Triticum aestivum) and identify the responsible genes

Jonathan Miles

Jonathan Miles

CASE project in partnership with AstraZeneca, working on RNA biology


Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Doctoral Training Programme

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