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Brand proposition and university values

The way we see the world and ourselves informs our identity and the way we communicate. Our identity is formed of a central idea – a world beyond ordinary – our strengths and our values.


A world beyond ordinary

This statement embodies and underpins everything we do.

This is what it means for how we talk about ourselves:

  • The world of the University of Nottingham is a truly exceptional one

  • A world defined by a pioneering spirit, global connections and stunning campuses

  • Where lives are transformed, potential is unlocked and curious minds are stretched further

  • From our unique position, we are defining the world around us

  • We have the courage to experiment and ambition to push the boundaries of knowledge

  • We are creating endless opportunities around the globe

Our strengths

These qualities make us stand apart as an incredible institution:

  • We have a pioneering spirit – we are curious, forward-thinking and visionary

  • We unlock potential – in our world, potential is both unlocked and limitless

  • We are globally connected – in our community connections have no boundaries

  • We transform lives – we improve lives and shape the future

University values

We live our values in our actions and in our content. In all we do, we value:


We are a community where everyone can contribute and be appreciated for who they are.


We set the highest standards for ourselves and our work and support each other to achieve them.


We adopt a straightforward and transparent way of communicating with each other and with the world, championing the free exchange of ideas.


Our decisions and actions are consistent, impartial and ethical.


We have regard for each other's rights and feelings, and demonstrate this in our behaviour, treating each other with kindness.


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