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We’ve called this page Shapes, but really it’s all about squares. Squares are simple, neat and flexible. They also reflect the castle square of our logo, which helps people to recognise us straight away.

Image montage of Nottingham students

The square device is not a mandatory element of the brand identity, but is a tool that can be used to add layers of interest and/or create hierarchy when needed.

The device can be used in the following ways:

  • As a background element to break up solid colour
  • As a solid colour to house text over images, ensuring accessibility
  • Interwoven into photography
  • To pull out a headline or quote
  • As a container for photography

Trent Building 750 x 516px

Square photography montage

Montages can be created by layering squares in a variety of scales.

If montages include two squares at the same scale, overlapped at a central point, this central square should be a solid colour, to avoid creating overly complex layers of imagery.

This method can be used creatively on a variety of formats.

Image montage of Nottingham students with text in the middle that reads 'Step into our world and beyond'

Outlined square line weight

To ensure the outlined square always appears consistent, line weights have been set based on the size of the asset. This is however just a guide and you should ensure visually the square is in line with the examples shown on this page.

 Paper size Line weight (pt)
 A0 and above  7
 A1 to A2  4.5
 A3 to A4  3
 A5  1.5
 A6 and below  1
 Asset Line weight (pt)
 Display ads  1.5
 Instagram posts (1080 x 1080px)  3
 Twitter posts (1600 x 900px)  3

Square in application





Image of a University of Nottingham branded leaflet