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The shape and form of our letters and words moulds people's perception of who we are.

Using fonts consistently strengthens our identity and makes our messages stand out on the page and the screen.

This page covers the topics listed below. Click on the topic to be taken to relevant information or scroll down to read the guidance in full.


Primary font

Our primary font is Circular. Use it wherever possible, for everything from headlines to body copy, digital and print. The range of weights make it a flexible font.


Contact the brand team to request the font files if you believe you will use the primary font regularly. If a license is available, they'll get you set up. Or, if you're a third-party supplier, you will need to buy Circular from

For emails, PowerPoint presentations and other Microsoft packages, it's fine to use our system font substitutes, which you'll find below.


Use YaHei when writing in Chinese.

YaHei is a Microsoft system font.


Circular Book

Example of Circular font - book

Circular Medium

Example of Circular font - medium

Circular Bold

Example of Circular font - bold

Circular Black

Example of Circular font - Black

Secondary font

Use Arvo to complement Circular, for example in quotes, pull-out text and calls to action.

Arvo is an open-source font that you can download from


Arvo regular

Example of Arvo font - regular

Arvo bold

Example of Arvo font - bold

Editorial font

Use Galaxie Copernicus for printed editorial content, such as the research and fundraising magazines.

An example of the editorial font in Vision magazine.

Contact the brand team to request the font files. Or, if you’re a third-party supplier, you can buy Galaxie Copernicus from Village


Galaxie Copernicus - regular

Example of Galaxie Copernicus font - regular

Galaxie Copernicus - bold

Example of Galaxie Copernicus font - bold

Handwritten font

Use Segoe as a complement to Circular when you need to represent handwriting, give something a more personal feel or represent the student voice. 

Contact the brand team to request the font files. Third-party suppliers can buy Segoe from My Fonts.


Segoe - regular


Segoe - bold


System font substitutes

If it’s not possible to get a font licence, or to use our fonts, you can use the following system font substitutes:

Fallback fonts
Primary fontSystem font substitute
Circular Black and Bold

Arial Bold
Example of Arial Bold font

Arial Bold Italic
Example of Arial Bold Italic font

Circular Medium and Book

Arial Regular
Example of Arial Regular font

Arial Italic
Example of Arial Italic font

Arvo and Arvo Bold

Georgia Bold
Example of Georgia Bold font

Georgia Bold Italic
Example of Georgia Bold Italic font

Arvo Regular

Georgia Regular
Example of Georgia Regular font

Georgia Italic
Example of Georgia Italic font