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Our illustration style helps us to convey ideas in a clear and inviting way. Illustrations add a human angle to our content and our designs. They can help when photography is not appropriate or possible. They're also useful for representing conceptual ideas. And they add a layer of personality to our identity. The below guidance sets out our illustration principles to help designers create bespoke illustrations for the university.


We use a mix of 90° and radius corners, with a geometric grid structure set at 0°, 45°, 90°, 135° and 180°.

Illustration detail


Lead with our core blue, and only use our secondary colours for accents. Colours should be flat, with no gradients or soft shading unless it’s to ensure our logo is clear against the background.

Illustration colours


Simplicity trumps complexity. Only use detail if it truly enhances an image.

Illustration simple


Shadows help to place elements in their environment. Make them vector-based and hard-edged.

Illustration colour


Use flat shapes. In the rare case where perspective is unavoidable, it should be isometric

Illustration shapes