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Our logo represents our heritage. It gives us an identity and separates us from other institutions. We need to take good care of it – respecting it, protecting it and making sure we use it in just the right way.

The master logo is made up of three essential elements: the castle square, logo type and location line:

This page covers the topics listed below. Click on the topic to be taken to the relevant information or scroll down to read the guidance in full.

Annotated University of Nottingham logo

Logo variations

Our logo and name are protected trademarks, so must not be altered.

Use our full-colour master logo, apart from:

  • if you’re working on a dark background you can use our white-text version

  • if full-colour printing isn’t possible (for example on merchandising and clothing), use one of our single-colour logos, available in blue, black or white

The brand team will need to approve any other logo format in any other context than the above examples (such as a different version of the logo within a campaign)




File formats

Logo files are available in JPEG, EPS and PNG formats.

All logo files are up to date as of May 2021.

View and download our logos






  • Use solid background colours or coloured imagery, making sure that our logo is clear

  • Make sure you use the correct version of the logo for the background colour

  • Never put complex images behind the logo

  • Make sure that the logo text is clear and doesn’t blend into the background colo

Composite logos

For certain approved research groups/centres and strategic partnerships, you can replace the ‘UK | China | Malaysia’ location strapline with the name of the centre or project to make a composite logo, for example:


If you wish to apply for a composite logo, please contact us.







Our standard logo position is top left, flush in the corner. Where this isn’t possible, for example where the logo would be obscured, apply the full exclusion zone (see below).

Logo position

Exclusion zone

To make sure our logo stands out, it's important to give it space to breathe. The exclusion zone – the empty space around the logo – is 50% of the depth of the castle square.

It must be below and to the right of the logo, or all the way around if the logo can’t be positioned top-left flush or if it’s over an image.

Logo exclusion

Bleed version

We use the bleed version in all professionally designed and printed materials. It's available for use in programmes such as InDesign.

The exceptions are when we have a gutter margin for anything printed in-house and where a print process won't allow it, for example on promotional merchandise, which often have restricted print areas.


Logo bleed


Logo sizes

Logo sizes in print

Logo sizes in print
 Paper size Logo width (mm)
A5 50
A4 60
A3 90
A2 130
A1 180
A0 255

At less than 30mm we remove the UK, China and Malaysia location line.

Logo sizes online

Logo sizes online
 Placement Logo size (pixels)
Website – desktop 243 x 90
Website – mobile 77 x 77 (castle square only)
Favicon and app icon 32 x 32 (castle square only)


Using our logo in videos

Use our full-colour master logo whenever possible, at 50 x 142px in size.

The logo should be displayed at the beginning or end of every video, depending on the platform (for example, at the beginning of a lecture video or advert).


Different-shaped videos

Sometimes videos are tailored to fit the platform, and you’ll need to adapt the logo’s position.




Top-left corner, with full exclusion zone.







Top-left corner, exclusion zone at top, small margin to left.









Vertical mobile



to replace off centre logos- CTA


Square for instagram,FB, FB canvas

Vertical video example

Verticle mobile video

Logo animation sequence

We have a blue background and a photography logo animation sequence.

Use them at the end of shorter videos, such as those for social media, or at the beginning of longer ones, such as lectures and corporate messages.

Here’s an example of the photography animation sequence in a live video:

logo animation

360 logo

If you’re making a 360 video you can use the logo in either a central logo strip or floor title format.

The central logo strip comes in several formats, with the logo on white as standard.

The floor tile is available with the logo in the blue gradient or white.



Third-party logos

Place other organisations' logos below the university logo.

If you need to display more than three third-party logos, fade out the original logos and replace with a new set. Keep the University of Nottingham logo in the same position.

Here’s an example of using third-party logos in video:

third party logos