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Our vector style allows us to convey both simple and complex ideas in a clear and inviting way.

Examples of illustration in University of Nottingham publications


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If you are a designer and creating illustrations on behalf of the University there are a few rules to bear in mind:

  • Our style is visually descriptive, with a specific balance of shape and detail. Flat shape and colour is used, with no gradients or soft shading (except to ensure legibility of our logo against the background). Any shadows should be vector based and hard edged
  • Our shapes are regular and controlled. Angles follow the same principles as our icons (a mixture of of 90° and radius corners, and a geometric grid structure set at 0°, 45°, 90°, 135° and 180°)
  • Illustration should be two dimensional. In the rare case that perspective is needed, it should be isometric
  • Our illustrations use the same blue core colours as the rest of our brand. Our core blues should lead, with secondary colours only used as accents
  • Detail should be appropriate to the size of the illustration. It should never be too complex or too simplistic. Use detail only when and where it truly enhances an image

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