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Student study, life and culture imagery

World-class facilities. Beautiful campuses. A city that is full of life and buzzing with culture, sport and nightlife. All this makes for a student experience you won’t find anywhere else. Let's ensure we celebrate the unique experience of our students through our imagery. 


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A glimpse into everyday life of an undergraduate. It could be studious concentration in a lecture theatre, working in a lab, teaching in a seminar, or a relaxed group discussionin a café. These images will use interesting textures, colours and shapes as the canvas for the campus. There should be a diverse range of students, showing a variety of expressions and emotions:




Carefully selected and well observed insights into postgraduate learning and research. We concentrate on the detail and brilliance of each course. Students should look engaged, immersed and challenged. Please ensure any photography used is of postgraduate images, do not mix with undergraduate images as this dilutes our message to the postgraduate audience and isn’t authentic.

The images used for both undergradute and postgraduate should convey:

  • a sense of wonder
  • a sense of discovery
  • enjoyment
  • achievement
  • passion 


Student life and culture – on campus

From a quiet moment on your own to a night out with a large group of friends. Depicting the campus as a place for students to make their home – stressing how it can adapt to each individual student’s needs and personality. Modern or contemporary, lively or tranquil, day or night – it's built for students.


Student life and culture – off campus

Showcase a life beyond the campus. Nottingham’s unique history; the multicultural community. Trams, the art scene, theatres, shops, great food and drink and an unforgettable atmosphere.




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