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Guidance for assisting on a photoshoot

Please find below guidance for staff when assisting on University of Nottingham photoshoots, either on campus or externally.

Assiting on a photoshoot



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Prior to the photoshoot

  • Forward the relevant Privacy Policy notice* to any models ahead of the shoot, which explains how we will use their personal information which we will collect when taking photos. Please get the model to fill in as much information as possible such as name; signature; email; student ID; course in the model identification section and the rest such as headshot number; location; equipment can be filled in later on the photoshoot.
  • Notifications that photographs are going to be taken can be made through enclosing privacy policy forms in pre-event publicity, for example, leaflets/adverts/programmes/tickets advising the public that an official photographer will be present on the day. On the day of the event announcements should be made and general Privacy Policy notices should be clearly displayed. Any individuals not wishing for their photograph to be taken should let themselves be known to the photographer(s) on the day of the event.  

*Please be aware that seperate very young child, young child, teenager and guardian privacy policy notices must be given out to the relevant models. 


At the photoshoot

GDPR and Privacy Policy notices 

  • All University of Nottingham staff, students and members of the public have a right to say no to being photographed. Please respect an individual’s right not to be photographed. An individual has the right to erasure. Therefore, if a person has decided they do not want an image used after it has be taken, please delete image off the camera or find the image from the information provided by the individual, and remove from any hard drives or storage solutions such as the Image Bank.
  • To cover GDPR legislation at large events with crowds, general Privacy Policy notices and photography disclaimer must be highly visible, displayed numerous times and well-positioned around the area being photographed. The staff member organising the shoot should have these ready and will display them around the location. This will allow those who do not want to be photographed to make this known. 
  • Privacy policy agreements must be given out at the event if not sent in pre-publicity and not after. The relevant form must be filled in at the time of the shoot. Where possible, please issue Privacy Policy forms in pre-event publicity. Images will not be used if the form is not filled out correctly or filled out after the shoot has taken place. When photographing an individual, individuals or group close up, an individual Privacy Notice must be given out. Anyone else within the background will not need to be issued with a Privacy Policy form. 
  • For photography of graduates and open day visitors individual names do not need to be taken. However, to cover GDPR legislation, Privacy Policy notice and Photography Disclaimer must be highly visible, displayed numerous times and well positioned around the area being photographed. Please do not reduce the posters to A4 size as they will be too small to read on the walls. 

Photography Privacy Policy notice (A3, no bleed)

Photography Disclaimer (A3, no bleed)

Photography Disclaimer (pull-up banner)

Model identification section of Privacy Policy notices

  • The model identification section of the Privacy Policy form should be filled in and used to describe the model; activity taking place and locations. Such as name; student ID; location; activity; equipment. If a model identification form is used, it should be fully filled in and signed before the model has left.
  • Privacy Policy forms should be given to the official photographer and/or any staff that will be taking official photographs on the day. The forms should then be scanned in by the staff member on the shoot and attached to the photoshoot images, and the originals should be destroyed. The forms should be password protected, and the Image and Photographic Manager should always know the password.
  • Photographs will only be used with the relevant Privacy Policy forms.

Please ensure that all information filled in by the individual is legible. 


Assisting on a photoshoot

When assisting on photoshoots, staff members will be a second pair of eyes for the photographer. Please be prepared to move furniture around for the photographer and to act quickly for any requests that are made. 

Health and safety

  • Please ensure that the location is clear and clean, and move any items that will obstruct the shot eg moving bins out of the way, clearing up any unwanted items such as stationary or rubbish.
  • Please ensure all subjects are following health and safety rules eg wearing goggles and lab coats are worn in labs, hair is tied back and anything is moved off shelves or from around the area that is a potential breach of health and safety rules. 


  • Please check the location for old branding and the old logo and try to ensure this is not in shot.
  • Consider where your photos are going to be used and whether it would strengthen or give more credibility to an image to feature the University logo.

Staff/student models 

  • For the models/students being photographed, please ensure that they are well presented and their clothes are smart and ironed.
  • Ensure that the models/students clothing matches the season for which they are being photographed for.
  • Ensure that the models/students ages match the area that they are being photographed for eg UG or PG students.
  • Please frequently watch out for any changes to the model/students presentation eg if wind has blown a models hair out of place, or if clothing is caught or shoelaces are undone.
  • Please ensure that students are dressed appropriately with no visible logos or shoulders showing.
  • Please aim to have a fair balance in terms of ethnicity, gender and cultural references throughout the photoshoot.
  • If the same model/students are being used throughout different locations, please make sure they are changed round and different combinations of model/students are used.
  • Ensure that no model/student is to leave the shoot without being given a privacy agreement form.

After the photoshoot

    • After the shoot has taken place and before images are uploaded onto the image bank, please explain what extra meta-data and taxonomy should be assigned to the images (apart from the obvious). The meta-data and taxonomy need to be provided as they will help other colleagues when searching for the images in the system.



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