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Guidance for staff commissioning photography

Please find guidance below for staff members when commissioning any photography for the University, either on campus or externally. Please note that in-house photographer Lisa Gilligan-Lee (Image and Photographic Manager) is available purely for core business shoots i.e. student recruitment and research. However please enquire as when scheduling allows, exceptions can be made.

Prior to any shoot please ensure you’re fully aware of the brand photography and GDPR guidelines.


Commissioning photography


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Organising a photoshoot

  1. Identify event or subject to be photographed.
  2. Check there are no existing images that can be used, for example duplications or other similar shoots that have taken place. Please check on the image bank or ask the photographic team if you’re unsure.
  3. Fill in the photographic brief form. Once submitted, the form will be sent as a bounce back to the staff member who has made the request. The brief (along with a schedule) should be sent to the photographer least a week in advance of the shoot taking place. 

  4. Please note that all photography requests have to be run past the photographic team.
  5. Once the form has been submitted, the photographic team will be back in touch within 48 hours to confirm the photographer. Staff members will be sent a list of photographers deemed suitable for the request. 
  6. Agree a suitable date with staff and contact the photographer once the available date is chosen. Ensure that any locations (rooms, labs etc.) are free and bookable.
  7. Once the date has been agreed, book any student models needed. More details can be found on the booking student models guidance
  8. Contact any members of staff involved in the shoot beforehand, to ensure they have thought about specific activities they want to capture. They also need to check any locations that they have access to, to ensure that health and safety has been followed and that the areas are clean and tidy i.e. bulbs have been replaced, correct lab coats are worn with the correct logo and computers are working etc. 
  9. All models taking part in a shoot (staff and students) must be well-presented  i.e. no crumpled tops. We would also ask that models don’t wear any branded logos and that shoulders are covered. Models must ensure that they are wearing appropriate clothing for the activities that they will be involved in and relevant for the season. More details can be found on the assisting on a photoshoot guidance
  10. Send over the brief and the schedule for the shoot to the photographer and copy in the photographic team. Please see further details below.

Photographic schedule

You will need to put together a schedule for the photographer at least a week in advance of the shoot taking place. The schedule should include:

  • Timings for the shoot: please leave time for travelling to and from locations, for the photographer to set up/pack away and a break for lunch.
  • Locations: please include as much detail as possible if the photographer is new to the campus, and plan shoots in a logical order to reduce the amount of time taking travelling and to maximise the photography time.
  • Contact details: please include the numbers for the member of staff/students who will be attending, as well as the photographer. 
  • Details of where the images will be used: for example online, in print brochures etc. and any specifications such as portrait/landscape that must be considered. This is especially important if you want to use images for items such as pull-up banners and if you want to place text over the images when creating new marketing collateral. 

Please find an example schedule template here. 


Photographic brief

Along with the schedule, please provide the photographer with the detailed photographic brief which you will have received as a bounce back via email. The brief should include:

  • The reason for the photoshoot: what you would like to capture on the day. The images taken might be used and shared for years, so please maximise the time and the variation of images that are taken on the day. 
  • Time and location: where to meet the relevant staff member, contact details and any instructions for parking and directions. Please include a map with building reference if necessary.
  • Parking permit: please send out parking permit to the photographer in advance of the shoot.
  • Information of what the photos will be used for: including specifics such as on the website, online advertising banners, printed materials such as brochures or pull-up banners. For any specifics (for example the homepage banners) please give details of the specs and layout that need to be considered. The more detail you can give the better. 
  • Consider the University’s big idea of ‘a world beyond ordinary’ and how you are capturing the exceptional University of Nottingham experience.

Photography of children 

  • For children under 18 years old, an age-appropriate Children’s Privacy notice should be issued to and signed by their parent/guardian/carer. It cannot be just an aunt; uncle or friend – it has to be the true parent/guardian/carer. The Children’s Privacy notice gives the individuals the opportunity to understand where their photographs will be used. 
  • You should serve an age-appropriate privacy notice to the child as well as to their parent or guardian. Choose from the following categories to see which notice you should serve:

Under 5s should be served the Very Young Children Privacy notice

6-12 year olds should be served the Young Children Privacy notice

13-17 year olds should be service the Teenager Privacy notice

Photography disclaimer for Parents/Guardians

Those 18 or over can be served the standard Privacy Policy notice

  • If the photography is of children on a school trip to the University, or a trip to a school, you must ensure that notices are served ahead of time to parents and guardians, not just to the school. This means that the school must pass on the notices for the slips to be completed, and you must have received a completed slip before a child can be photographed. This is in addition to any consent the school seeks from parents, and their consent cannot cover our legal obligations. Teachers cannot act in the role of parent or guardian in this situation.
  • If a child is over 13 but under 16 a Teenager Privacy notice must be issued. Those aged 16 or older can be served the standard adult notice, but for safeguarding reasons a notice should still be served to parents as well until they turn 18. 
  • If you are taking a picture of a large group and cannot directly give a child/parent/guardian/carer a Private Policy notice, please refrain from taking pictures of the child or children. 
  • Smaller groups or individual children can have their photograph taken, as long as the parents/guardians have agreed; signed and read the Private Policy notice. 

Extra advice for event photography

  • An assessment should be made by the event organiser about what photography is allowed on the day.
  • External Relations should be contacted for advice on all aspects of photography for publicity purposes, including which photographer should be used.
  • Specific event and children privacy notices are available and must be displayed, depending on the event taking place.

Photography for press/media events

  • The media are well within their rights to take any photographs while in a public place but would need permission before taking photographs on privately owned land (including land/premises owned by the University). A site release document must be filled out and please email the photographic team for more information. 
  • If the media have been invited to a photo opportunity by the University they should be supervised and managed by the External Relations team or an event organiser where appropriate. 
  • Please be sympathetic to the needs of the photographer, he/she is working on behalf of the University and are only working in the University’s best interest.  

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