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Introductions for videos

The first few seconds of a video offer the perfect opportunity to make an impact. Use the following techniques to enhance and add structure to your video content.



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Introductory titles

Use white text over an appropriate image to introduce your video using titles.


Always ensure that there is enough contrast to make the white text accessible. If this is not possible, use Gaussian blur on the image or a blue gradient to assist with visibility. The gradient can also be used behind the logo.

Standard white on background title     White on Gaussian blur title

Combining the logo and title slides

If you wish to use the logo before a title slide, use the blue logo on white option followed by ‘blue four’ coloured text on a white colour matte. Where the title follows the logo animation, the blue should be extended and white text used.  

Blue gradient title      

 Logo on campus titles

 Blue on white background title      

 White on blue gradient title


The square device and animation

The square is a key element of our branding, and lends itself perfectly to use within animation. Use the key line box to highlight key information, or to pull out the title from the video background, as shown below:

You will also see that the square logo has been animated to transition into the body of the video. An intro and outro animation are available by special request from brand@nottingham.ac.uk.



Recommended transitions

Use transitions such as cross dissolve, dip to black/white, wipe, push, slide, and cross zoom (for fast moving action only) to add structure to your video. See below for visual examples:

Transitions to avoid

No matter the editing software you are using, always avoid using transitions that cause too much unnecessary movement. See the following video for examples:


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