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Logo for videos

University of Nottingham - logo

Our logo is more than a graphic device. It’s our history and values instilled in a symbol that’s recognised globally. We need to make sure we use it properly.

The logo should be displayed at the beginning or at the end of every video, depending on the platform the video is used for. Social videos used on Twitter and Facebook for example, tend to be short and need to open with a bang. Therefore it is not always necessary to use a logo on the video clip. 


More information

Different background types

The University logo will work on the majority of backgrounds. However please use the blue colour gradient, black or white background if needed. A white out version of the logo is available, but this should only be used if all the other options have been exhausted. 



                   to replace off centre logos (1)


Use the logo at 50 x 142px in size


Unstandardised videos

The logo can be used in a centralised position in different shaped videos. Videos are often tailored to fit various platforms, and therefore a certain amount of adaptation is needed for each one. 

Square video

                             Square for instagram,FB, FB canvas

Vertical video

                               Vertical video example

Vertical mobile video

                               Verticle mobile video

Please see an example of a square video intended for use on social media platforms with a central logo below:


Logo animation sequence

The logo animation sequence can be used on two different types of background. Due to it's length it is recommended that the animation is used at the end of videos, or at the beginning of longer videos such as lecturers and corporate messages. 

 logo animation

Please see how the photography animation sequence looks within a live video below:



Third party logo

If a third party logo needs to be included in a video, it should be placed beneath the University logo in order to maintain hierarchy. 

If more than three logos need to be displayed, please fade out the orginal logos and replace with a new set of logos. Please always keep the logo displayed as below:

                        third party logos

Please see an example of using third party logos in the video below:


Using our logo – dos and don'ts

Our logo must be used accurately. The examples below show the dos and don'ts of using the logo in videos. 



This example shows the correct version of the logo for the background.

 Video- good example

Coloured imagery or solid background colours are ok, as long as our logo is legible.


video- bad example2

Make sure you use the correct version of the logo for the background colour.

video- bad example1

Never compromise the legibility of our logo by allowing complex images to sit behind it. 

video- bad example

This example shows the logo visually blending into the background colour.


360 logo

If you are producing 360 video you may use the logo in either a central logo strip or floor title format.

The central logo strip is available in several formats, and please use the logo on white as standard.

 Virtual reality logo strip 466 px

The floor tile is available in the blue gradient and white. Please find examples below. Floor tile 466 pxUon 360 floor template white1blue floortile


To request the 360 video templates please contact brand.


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