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It is important to us that all of our users can access video material. When making a video, you need to consider how someone will view it and what your key messages are to ensure that the information is conveyed in both an auditory and visual way. This could mean:

  • subtitles
  • a transcript
  • a text-based overview of the key points
  • links to the same information elsewhere in text format

We recommend that you add subtitles where possible. Ask for advice if you're not sure how to do this, support is available for creating transcripts and subtitles, please contact: digicomms@nottingham.ac.uk.


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Subtitles can be uploaded to both YouTube and MediaSpace, the University's official video hosting platform. From these locations they can be turned off and on as required.

*On YouTube and MediaSpace they refer to subtitles as ‘captions’, you may also see this across other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Ordering subtitles/captions

University staff can order free captions for videos through MediaSpace. To do this, log into MediaSpace using your University details. Select your video, then choose ‘Captions Requests’ from the ‘Actions’ drop-down menu and place the order. More detailed instructions can be found here

Please note:

  • These captions are generated by a machine and will not be 100% accurate. You must check the captions and make any amends before publishing them. You can do this all within MediaSpace.
  • You need to be the owner or co-editor of the video to order and edit captions in MediaSpace.

If you would rather order a professional transcript to use as subtitles/captions, please see ‘Transcripts’ section below.

Baked in subtitles

If you are producing a video which requires you to include subtitles ‘baked’ into the video file, please follow the following best practice:’

Subtitles white

Subtitles yellow

Subtitles cyan

Subtitles green



Transcripts are a typed account of the audio from the video – this can be added to the page as a Word doc or an accessible PDF. Transcripts can be provided by the Alternative Formats team for a small fee. Please contact digicomms@nottingham.ac.uk for more information.


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