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Phone numbers and addresses

Phone numbers

The university has a global audience, so always include the international code (+44 for the UK):

To contact the brand team, call us on +44 115 951 5151

Call Jeff on +44 7777 778899

Here's how we use spaces in phone numbers:

+44 115 951 5151

+44 7777 778899

That's one space after the international code and one after the area code. Then, if the rest of the number is six digits, leave them together. If it's seven digits, leave another space after the third digit.

Finally, don't use "T:" or "M:" followed by a phone number. Just write the phone number itself or write it in a complete sentence if it's unclear:

If you have any questions, call Jeff on +44 7777 778899.


We know addresses aren't purely numbers, but this seemed like the best place to show you how to write them.

If you're writing for a mainly non-Nottingham audience, give the full address, including the postcode:

The event takes place at Lakeside Arts, University Park, Nottingham, NG7 2RD.

If you're writing for a university audience (such as advertising a concert), the name of a well-known building is enough on its own:

The event takes place at Trent Building at 8pm on Tuesday 4 July.